Heir Hunters Series 9 Preview - Finders are back in action!

It was all hands on deck when the case of Roger Stuart Lennon, initially referred privately to the Finders team became public. Aware that competing firms would also be seeking out Roger's rightful heirs, Finders boss Daniel Curran put everyone on the job of tracing Roger's beneficiaries.

CATCH up - Finders on BBC Heir Hunters Series 8

Follow Finders team of researchers along the exciting trail of discovery that leads through a family history that covers the First World War and shines a light on the old world of domestic service. Meet family members and hear their recollections as the Finders team trace Pub Landlord Michael Naish’s heirs in this episode of the new series of Heir Hunters..

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Where there’s no will, there’s still a way to hunt down heirs
Amy Littlechild enjoys the thrill of the chase, as she discusses a recent case in this piece in the Daily Mail Careers section.
Are you heir to a fortune? It’s easy to find out!
Are you heir to a fortune? It’s easy to find out! Ever watched television shows that reveal how unsuspecting individuals receive bequests worth thousands?
‘I inherited £250,000 from someone I’d never met’
Margaret Abbotts, 76, inherited £250,000 out of the blue from a relative she never knew. She was contacted about the inheritance by Finders international probate genealogists after her half-sister, a childless widow whom she had never met, died intestate in 2007.
Company trying to trace heirs of old man
Eric Fraser died aged 81 at his home in Lakehall Road in July 2013, leaving no obvious relatives to claim his estate. Finders International, whose exploits are featured in Heir Hunters, has now launched an appeal to anyone who might have any information on what they call a “trick y” case.
Have you been contacted by an Heir Hunter?
When Myrtle Godwin received a phone call from someone she did not know, saying she was in line to inherit part of a £320,000 estate, she thought it was a scam.
M.D Daniel Curran on BBC Radio London with Harriet Scott and Tim Arthur
Once again BBC London invited Daniel Curran, MD of Finders International on to the Harriet & Tim Show for further conversation about family tress, heir hunting and the mysteries that people encounter in their family research.
M.D Daniel Curran on BBC Radio Scotland with Stephen Jardine
M.D Daniel Curran features on BBC Radio Scotland with Stephen Jardine. The topic of discussion was heir hunters, and the show open up with, “you could be in line for an unexpected bumper inheritance”. Daniel explains to listeners how it all works.
Finders on LMFM with Gerry Kelly
“hear ye hear ye there be a women residing in the north east who is due a wad of money” is how host Gerry Kelly starts the show. The show features Padraic Grennan from the Dublin branch of Finders International.
Finders on Dublin’s 98FM with Ray Foley
Padraic Grennan from the Dublin branch of Finders International. Finders International are are on the hunt for a Dublin born woman called Marie Hilton, who they believe is in line to inherit a substantial amount of money.
Search underway for Irish woman who is heir to fortune left behind by half-brother
Search underway for Irish woman who is heir to fortune left behind by half-brother - An irish woman born Marie Hilton is the last remaining heir to an estate worth at least €700,000 and she might not even know it.

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