Heir Hunters Series 9 Preview - Finders are back in action!

It was all hands on deck when the case of Roger Stuart Lennon, initially referred privately to the Finders team became public. Aware that competing firms would also be seeking out Roger's rightful heirs, Finders boss Daniel Curran put everyone on the job of tracing Roger's beneficiaries.

CATCH up - Finders on BBC Heir Hunters Series 8

Follow Finders team of researchers along the exciting trail of discovery that leads through a family history that covers the First World War and shines a light on the old world of domestic service. Meet family members and hear their recollections as the Finders team trace Pub Landlord Michael Naish’s heirs in this episode of the new series of Heir Hunters..

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Finders T.V. – BBC Heir Hunters Series 11 – 2017

Now a main firm on the show, we chose some amazing stories from our vast range of cases and worked on some live action as well. The results have been hailed as the best ever series of Heir Hunters, providing fresh enthusiasm from the vibrant and interesting team at Finders. As a result we are in great demand from numerous media outlets and a steady stream of coverage is being widely featured.
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Series 11 Ep 20 – Clive Frederick Cable

A look into the life of a community figure and tug of war team enthusiast, who sadly had no immediate family. Clive Frederick Cable’s case was referred to us by Great Yarmouth Council. We often receive referrals from public sector services when people die in hospitals or care homes, and there doesn’t seem to be a will or any immediate family.

Series 11 Ep 19 – Carol Chase

When Carol Chase died unexpectedly in 2016, she left behind an estate worth almost £420,000. A widow with no children, Finders delved into the case to search into both sides of the deceased’s family.

Series 11 Ep 18 – Marie Winser

Often, when we investigate cases we find potential heirs with a keen interest in genealogy themselves – as was the case with Marie Winser’s beneficiaries. With name changes thrown into the mix, the team quickly realise that they will need all their resources to tackle this case.

Series 11 Ep 17 – Stuart Harrison

In the case of Stuart Christopher Harrison, some 31 heirs were identified. With such a large family tree, Finders call in travelling researchers to meet with heirs face to face and deliver the unexpected news.

Series 11 Ep 16 – Joyce Cole

Searching for the rightful heirs to an estate is a competitive business, especially when the estate is detailed on the Bona Vacantia list. The Finders international team has a challenging case on their hands when they come across an illegitimate birth which could turn the findings upside down.

Series 11 Ep 15 – Eveline Southall

Heir hunters search for beneficiaries to a £100,000 estate and discover a surprise connection to gun making in Birmingham, while the case of a Fulham man who had Indian ancestry proves a major challenge for the team.

Series 11 Ep 13 – Edmund Dennis

Edmund Dennis died in at the end of 2015 at Broomfield hospital in Essex, and his unclaimed estate was listed on the Bona Vacantia list, the name given to ownerless property which by law passes to the Crown if the rightful heirs can’t be found.
It took a lot of hard work, but the Finders team eventually found 24 potential heirs, many of whom had already signed up with a competitor firm.

Series 11 Ep 12 – Maud Osborne

A connection to one of the notorious Great Train Robbers marked the case of Maud Osborne.
Maud was 87 when she died in January 2016 at a nursing home in London. The case was referred to us by Maud’s local council.

Series 11 Ep 11 – Constance Doheny

A retired seamstress Constance Doheny died in Coventry Hospital at the age of 89, the Finders International Team’s work leads to an emotional family reunion between an aunt and niece who have been estranged for 30 years.

Series 11 Ep 9 – Daisy Charlwood

When Daisy Charlwood died at the age of 92 in London, she didn’t have a will or immediate family. The team use important information from birth records to help pin point the correct family.