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The Case of Gordon Hall 

Described as an eccentric by an acquaintance who worked with him, Gordon Hall died in March 2014, without leaving a will and with no known next of kin.

Finders’ Katie Watson worked on the case, and thanks to her quick work, she was able to inform family members who could then attend his funeral. Gordon had been an only child, who had never married or had children, but he came from a long line of skilled craftsman and engineers. A precision engineer himself, he had spent his latter years making gauges for vintage Bugattis.

The research into his family revealed that his grandfather, William Hall, had been a master mason, who spent his entire working life at Gloucester Cathedral and who had helped restore the stained glass windows to the cathedral post war.

Katie’s research took her to Geoffrey, whose mother Diana had been Gordon’s cousin. He had met Gordon some 50 years ago and his memory of him had been of a “laid-back surfer dude”. The news of Gordon’s death had prompted Geoffrey to look at his own past, as he wanted to find out more about his mother’s history. Diana had been a Wren in the 1950s before marrying his father, and Geoffrey was able to meet up with a woman who had worked at the same base at the same time and she was able to throw light on what life would have been like there at the time.

From the past to the present, Geoffrey, one of 10 heirs to Gordon’s estate, expressed a wish to use his share to take a large family holiday – and he thanked Gordon for making that a possibility.

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