Finders International surprise woman with £10,000 inheritance

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Finders International have been featured in The Argus in an article detailing their work on the estate of Derek Lewis Mercer from Hastings, East Sussex.

Rebecca Green was contacted by Finders International, an award-winning global probate genealogy company and one of the main firms on BBC’s Heir Hunters. At first, she thought it was a hoax believing Derek had passed away several years ago with no “estate to be inherited”.

However, Derek had an estate worth £250,000 and Finders International traced 21 relatives in total who each took a share. Danny Curran, Managing Director of Finders, said:

“The best part of probate research, or heir hunting, is what we uncover and, of course, it is always such a pleasure to unite people with money that would otherwise have gone to the Treasury.

“Local authorities and hospitals will do their best to track down the next of kin and in many cases, like this, they ask us to help find surviving relatives.

“It is rare not to find surviving relatives, but if that is the case then the estate passes to the Crown as bona vacantia [ownerless goods].”

Rebecca told The Argus that the money had “made a huge difference to my life”. She had put this money towards her business in Okehampton, Devon.

You can read the full article here.