The History of Wills

As Will Aid approaches, the annual month where people are encouraged to prepare a will in exchange for a donation to charity, we thought we’d look at the history of wills and how they came about.

Finders Will Searches Expand Internationally

Did you know that Finders International can search for the existence of a will in all UK countries, the Republic of Ireland and overseas too?

A number of unclaimed estates in Leicestershire

There are currently over 100 unclaimed estates in Leicestershire. Unclaimed estates occur when someone dies without a will or next of kin.

Relying on inheritance deemed risky

A new study has warned that expecting to receive an inheritance is too risky and can cause financial trouble.

Care Show to Welcome Thousands of Care Professionals to Birmingham

Care Show to Welcome Thousands of Care Professionals to Birmingham

This year’s Care Show promises to be bigger and better than ever—bringing together more than 3,200 care sector professionals to network, share experiences and learn from others.

Somerset Live : Heir hunters: the unclaimed estates of Bath and Bristol residents that you may inherit

Two people who have died in Bristol and Bath this year have left unclaimed estates.

One fifth of parents—transferred assets to avoid inheritance tax sting

Recent research has revealed that one fifth of parents have transferred assets to their children to lessen the amount of inheritance tax payable on their estates.

Places to check for missing wills

When someone dies and they do not have a will that person’s next of kin can apply to be an administrator of their estate—the same legal process as applying for probate.

What to do if you’re contacted by Finders International

What do you do if a member of the Finders International team contacts you? It can feel surreal, especially if you’ve never heard of the person whose estate we talk about. But here are some of the suggestions we recommend to give you peace of mind.

Updated list of unclaimed Surrey estates

401 Surrey estates were left unclaimed this year, as their owners died without leaving a will or having a next of kin.

Two Merseyside unclaimed estates left behind

This year, two people who died in Merseyside have left unclaimed estates behind. It's the latest in a rising number of unclaimed estates.


Nantwich News : Nantwich woman inherits £100,000 from book illustrator she never met

A Nantwich woman has inherited the £100,000 estate of a children’s book illustrator that had been left unclaimed.

Daisy Staines

The care home environment – Tracing Unknown Next Of Kin

The recent case of 104 year old Daisy Staines, who died in a care home in Essex and had no known next of kin to attend her funeral, highlights the increasing prevalence of people outliving their immediate relations.

If you have one of these surnames, you could be in line to inherit a FORTUNE

You may not know it but, if you have the right surname, you could be about to come into some serious money.

Free next of kin tracing service to tackle issue of people outliving their immediate relations

Providing a free next of kin tracing service for care and nursing homes, Finders International are aiming to tackle the two percent of over 65s who die without any family.

Leicestershire people with these surnames could inherit a fortune

It's a little-known secret that the details of thousands of unclaimed estates are available online.

How to make the most out of a TV appearance

Practice incessantly and be your biggest critic. Better yet, get someone else to critique your performance, while still offering constructive advice. It’s really important to rely on someone whom you know and trust to be completely honest, such as a family member or friend.

Distant cousin found in time for 104-year-old’s funeral

A distant cousin of a 104-year-old woman thought to have no known family has been traced and will attend her funeral on Friday.

Inheriting a Legacy

Global Heirship firms must ensure best practices when connecting with next of kin.

Huffington Post : Care Home’s Appeal Helps Track Down Distant Relatives To Attend Late Resident’s Funeral

A care home’s appeal to find long lost family members and friends to attend a 104-year-old resident’s funeral has been hailed a success.

Essex Live : Distant family of 104-year-old Harlow woman have been tracked down and will attend her funeral

Distant relatives of a 104-year-old Harlow woman who died at her care home have been tracked down.

Danny Curran was inteviewed by BBC Good Morning Wales 9 May 2018

The case of Barbara Williams led to a huge haul of over 100 heirs being found. One of these, Lawrence Taylor joined Finders International MD, Danny Curran to discuss the case Live on BBC Wales.