International Asset Services

Our International Asset Service provides consultative and practical support to private clients, as well as wills and probate practitioners. This service offers a variety of services to help deal with the existence of foreign assets in an estate. Louise Levene brings sixteen years of experience in probate support services & asset recovery.


Shares & other securities

We can sort through old paper share certificates and statements, and contact transfer agents to help you identify value and sell or transfer listed shares in an estate for you. We can also obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee.

Bank accounts and Investment accounts

Offering a variety of services to help deal with the existence of foreign assets in an estate. We provide tailored advice and support throughout, acting as a central point of contact and using patience and determination to help you recover the account monies and liquidate securities portfolios.


Assets thought to be dormant are passed to the relevant State’s Unclaimed Property department, and as Finders are experienced in this field, we are always happy to discuss the feasibility of providing support.

Foreign Grants of Probate & resealing a UK Grant

We assist in obtaining probate overseas, and resealing English, Welsh and Northern Irish Grants and Scottish Confirmations abroad, helping you meet the requirements of international institutions and unlocking the value of the estate.

What we do

Applying a practical, problem-solving approach to a range of asset services, Louise helps to sell, transfer or recover a range of overseas assets including shares, bank accounts, and investment portfolios, assisting estates with the necessary administrative and legal paperwork. With a combination of specialist knowledge, contacts, and experience, Finders will get the job done. Estates in the United Kingdom are much more likely to contain at least one overseas asset these days. From a bank account opened in Australia for work, to a holiday home purchased while on holiday in Spain, to tax planning investment accounts opened in the USA and offshore in places like the Isle of Man and Jersey, to accounts in Ireland or beyond, to shares that, due to corporate action, have ended up listed in all sorts of places worldwide – it’s quite possible that an estate may feature one or more of these scenarios. What unites them is that they’re often surprisingly time-consuming and challenging to deal with – whether that involves closing an account, liquidating a portfolio or selling an individual shareholding. Numerous legal and bureaucratic obstacles spring up which must be navigated before the value can be restored to the estate in the UK. The sheer variety of scenarios is something that an estate practitioner may not have encountered often, or at all. Another scenario is that they may be pressed for time and anxious to progress multiple aspects of the estate administration at once. That is where Finders International Asset Service comes in.

We will assess your case promptly and send you our recommendations.