Missing, dormant & unclaimed assets found in the UK & Overseas

Finders can assist in locating both UK and overseas assets.

Our new and improved UK asset search draws together all the resources that can currently be checked for unclaimed or missing assets and will help you check for funds that may have been overlooked or deposited in accounts that have been forgotten, including searches of:

  • Over 150 financial institutions
  • Shareholdings
  • Pension Fund Administrators
  • Life Companies
  • Mutual and Friendly Societies

Probate practitioners should be aware of the potential consequences of failing to identify all financial assets during an Estate administration.
Please note:
Administrators or Executors failing to comply with the new Inheritance Tax (IHT) penalty regime risk having to pay penalties and additional tax. The firms advising them could face claims for negligence.

It is vital that practitioners properly inform Administrators or Executors on asset identification and of the potential consequences of inaccurate IHT returns.

The search of missing or unclaimed assets will take up to 50 days to complete, however updates are available during the search at your request. You will be notified if any further findings or positive responses are received after this time period.

To order a UK Missing Asset Search:

    1. Download and complete the application form or submit online.
    2. Send to us along with a certified copy of the Deceased’s death certificate.
    3. We will confirm costs with you.

To order Overseas Asset Searches

Complete the form below and tell us which countries you would like searched for unclaimed assets and include any specific details you may hold.

We will confirm feasibility and costs with you before starting work.

Andrew Ritson

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