Missing Will Service

If you are dealing with an assumed intestacy it is important to check to see if a Will exists.

Finders can help with our insurance approved searches, which are FREE OF CHARGE to the Public Sector.

Firstly, we recommend that you:

  • Check the Deceased’s personal belongings; and
  • Ask any known friends, relatives or neighbours of the Deceased.

On completion of our Missing Will Service we can also apply for an Aviva insurance policy to cover against the possibility of a Will (or more recent Will than the one used) being found after distribution.

This policy ensures that heirs who have received their inheritance will never have to repay if a Will is found at a later date.

Service Details

We will, as a minimum, complete the following. However, as there is no single central institution or database for Will registration we regularly review and update this service and add new searches. We believe our service to be the most thorough available.

  • Check with the Deceased’s Bank(s), Building Societies & Accountants;
  • Write to all Solicitors local to the Deceased and/or in any other specific area(s) as requested in your instructions;
  • Check the depository of the Principal Registry of the Family Division;
  • Organise a standing search at the Principal Registry to monitor any applications for a Grant to the Estate;
  • Advertise in newspapers local to the Deceased’s address at death and up to two previous addresses as appropriate and if necessary (according to circumstances of each case);
  • Advertise in the Law Society Gazette (Wills & Whereabouts section);
  • Contact members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters local to the Deceased’s last known address and/or in any other specific area(s) requested in your instructions;
  • Contact other professional bodies as necessary or as requested;
  • Search any relevant additional databases, including online Will registration services, such as Certainty.co.uk
  • Compile a summary report of all searches made and the results.

Next Steps

To order this service or for further advice, please contact us.

For further information on this service, please contact
Andrew Ritson
Senior Researcher
phone: 020 7490 4935
email: andrew.ritson@findersinternational.co.uk

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