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Finders International work with solicitors, legal executives, administrators, executors, state & corporate trustees, international lawyers, accountants, and other professional clients around the world.


Locate Missing Beneficiaries

Trace missing heirs upon intestacy or named beneficiaries on testate cases around the world.

No known next of kin?

Research for entitled family undertaken free of charge on Bona Vacantia cases with the administration secured for the instructing client.

Family Tree Verification

An essential best practice service to check all heirs are accounted for to ensure correct distribution.

Statutory Will & Deputyship Services

Identify a client's family members prior to Statutory Will or Deputyship applications.

Insurances with Aviva

Obtain missing beneficiary insurance, a comfort policy or missing Will cover via Aviva to provide peace of mind and enable a safer distribution of funds.

Administrator Search

If the Deceased has died with no known known family, we can identify a prospective administrator and refer the case back to you firm.

Probate Property Sales & Services

Personal management of property, sales coordination, clearance & associated services organised to quality standards.

Missing, Dormant & Unclaimed Assets

Search for missing, unknown or forgotten accounts and holdings in the UK and overseas to maximise the estate value.

Additional Services

What we do

Finders International are best known for tracing missing heirs and identifying lawful and entitled next of kin, having worked with lawyers, banks, trust companies, corporations and state trustees since 1997. We support the legal profession and know our research forms part of a serious legal process that reflects on your firm. Therefore, we will work efficiently and with the best interests of your company, the administrators or executors, and beneficiaries at all times. Reputation is critical in the probate world and we will safeguard yours as closely as our own. When complex estates need to be dealt with, we have a proven track record of tracing beneficiaries overseas in numerous countries. We have permanent fully staffed offices in Dublin and Edinburgh too. Scottish and Irish records are held separately to the rest of the UK and we pride ourselves on being a trusted local genealogy resource for our clients in Scotland and the Irish Republic. We are founder members of the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, which provides regulation and codes of conduct and a complaints procedure for a network of elite international companies only. The IAPPR is one of many respected and recognised organisations we have chosen to belong to or qualified as members of. In an unregulated industry, Finders International is a name to trust.

Additional Services

International Asset Services

Reseals, medallion signature guarantees, share sales and repatriation of estate funds from overseas jurisdictions.

Overseas Bankruptcy Searches

Check against each beneficiary before distributing estate funds to protect the personal representatives.

Missing Document Service

Use our services to obtain missing documents to complete your file.

Will Bank Update

Review your Will bank and renew contact with clients to confirm your records are up to date.

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