Public Sector

Free services to the public sector

We assist Councils, Coroners, Hospitals and other public sector service providers free of charge by:

  • Identifying and tracing next of kin to Deceased persons.
  • Verifying the identities and relationships of those claiming to be next of kin.
  • Searching for a Will
  • Searching for assets
  • Providing appropriate insurance policies to minimise any risks.
  • Our unique Funeral Fund can pay for Public Health Act Funerals.

Tracing owners to Empty or Derelict property and enabling sale with bespoke solutions
We usually trace the first next of kin within 24 hours, often in time for the Deceased’s funeral and saving you considerable time and expense.
We have a 98.9% success rate in tracing next of kin for our public sector referral cases*

Why Choose Finders?

Avoid unnecessary risks by working with Finders, a trusted firm with excellent standards and credentials.

Our credentials and risk management compliment perfectly your need to justify your choice of service provider.

Finders understand how our performance may reflect on your decision to appoint us, which is why we will always ensure your needs and requirements are met and adhered to.

See our Accreditations and Testimonials for further details.

Your Costs

Once we trace next of kin they might be able to take the case off your hands completely. This may include payment of:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Your administration charges
  • House clearance fees
  • Storage Fees
  • Empty home insurance

Even if the next of kin are unable or unwilling to pay, any fees you incur will receive priority status for payment as soon as the estate has funds available.

All services are provided to the public sector are free of charge.

How are we paid?

If an estate is over £5,000 : When we trace next of kin we ask them to sign a commission fee agreement with us. We are then paid at the same time as the heirs, when the estate is distributed.

If an estate is under £5,000 : We will trace next of kin completely free of charge to anyone.

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*Success rate calculated by analysis of all public sector services cases worked by us from 1/1/2014 to 28/2/15 & defined as next of kin being identified & located.