Search for next of Kin? Refer a Case

What information we need

In many cases we can begin research based on only a name and date of death or a name given in a Will. However, you may hold some information that will be of use to us and our checklist below will guide you through this.


  • Full name of Deceased;
  • Date and Place of death;
  • Age or Date of Birth;
  • Marital Status;
  • Testate or Intestate?
  • Copy of Will or any relevant certificates of birth, marriage or death;
  • If intestate: name and contact details of any blood relatives you are in touch with, and confirmation of their relationship to the Deceased;
  • If Testate: name of missing heir(s), their relationship to the Deceased (if any), last known address, date of birth, spouse, parents’ or childrens’ names etc.;
  • Confirmation of issue of Grant of Probate and whether or not you are in funds;
  • Approximate value of Estate;
  • Approximate value(s) of share(s) due to missing heir(s); and
  • Any other potentially useful or relevant information or documents.

Instruct Us Now

You may already be familiar with our work, or you are now ready to instruct us to find the missing or unknown beneficiaries you are seeking. Please either call us, download our instruction form and post or fax it to us. Either way we will always acknowledge receipt of your instructions by return.

Instant Telephone Instruction

Call 0800 085 8796 (UK only) and provide detials of the case. Our main landline number is 020 7490 4935. Lines are answered 24/7 by UK based personnel.

Postal/Online form Instruction

Alternatively, email information to or if the Deceased has died with no known next of kin, you can complete the online form here.

Online form