Our Solicitor panel firms & the role of the Administrator

When we trace the beneficiaries to an intestacy with no next of kin, we may ask one of the heirs to act as Administrator.

An Administrator is needed in order to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration from the Probate Registry. The Grant will authorise the solicitor acting for the Administrator to begin the process of winding up the Estate and move towards the distribution of funds to all entitled heirs.

Avoid financial risks by using our solicitor panel

We recommend instructing a firm of solicitors from our selected panel of independent firms, all of which are SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) regulated.

These firms have agreed with us that if the Estate is insolvent (or under £500 in total), or you are disinherited for any reason (such as a will leaving the estate to others, or closer kin being found) there will be no legal fees payable at all, under any circumstances.

You will never be personally liable or have to pay funds directly to our panel of  solicitors.

This arrangement is unique to Finders International.

There are no referral fees between us and any firm of solicitors we recommend.

You can of course nominate your own solicitor but please note that you may have to pay their fees from your own funds, regardless of the outcome, if you do this.