Aviva Insurances

Finders are the longest standing provider of AVIVA online policies. We have a convenient ‘self-approval’ arrangement with AVIVA.Once our report is completed, we can apply for and obtain policies for your consideration instantly.


Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance

We can arrange cover against claims from specific missing heirs or untraced family members as protection and peace of mind for the estate custodians.

Missing Beneficiary Comfort Policy

Insurance cover against prior claimants, additional heirs or unknown beneficiaries coming forward at a later date to enable a safer distribution of estate funds.

Missing Will Insurance

Insure against the existence of a Will or against a later version of the one held via our AVIVA approved procedure.

Locate Missing Beneficiary

Trace missing heirs upon intestacy or named beneficiaries on testate cases around the world.

Bond of Caution

A Bond of Caution is a specific insurance product for Scottish practitioners aimed at protecting beneficiaries against an incorrect estate distribution.

Early Distribution Insurance by Aviva

Sometimes referred to as “No Section 27 Notice” or “Inheritance Act” Insurance.

What we do

Administering an estate can often present a unique set of challenges to personal representatives and estate practitioners.Have all beneficiaries been identified?How can we account for a missing beneficiary’s share?Can we be sure the Deceased died intestate? Insurance offers reassurance and helps protect against the unknown. Whilst a professional genealogist can take steps to mitigate the risks of distribution, it is always recommended to obtain insurance cover to provide security and peace of mind prior to paying out to beneficiaries. As approved agents of AVIVA and the longest standing user of their self-approval system, Finders International can quickly obtain policies upon completion of our report to protect solicitors and heirs so that beneficiaries can receive funds safe in the knowledge they will not have to repay their shares in the future. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) membership number 310772.

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