Aviva Insurances

Finders are the longest standing provider of AVIVA online policies. We have a convenient ‘self-approval’ arrangement with AVIVA.Once our report is completed, we can apply for and obtain policies for your consideration instantly.


Missing beneficiary indemnity insurance

We can arrange cover against claims from specific missing heirs or untraced family members as protection and peace of mind for the estate custodians.

Missing beneficiary comfort policy

Insurance cover against prior claimants, additional heirs or unknown beneficiaries coming forward at a later date to enable a safer distribution of estate funds.

Missing Will Insurance

Insure against the existence of a Will or against a later version of the one held via our AVIVA approved procedure.

Locate Missing Beneficiary

Trace missing heirs upon intestacy or named beneficiaries on testate cases around the world.

Bond of Caution

A Bond of Caution is a specific insurance product for Scottish practitioners aimed at protecting beneficiaries against an incorrect estate distribution.

Missing Will Service

Search for a record of the Deceased’s Will, or for a later version than the one held, through our comprehensive and bespoke service (incorporating the Certainty Will Register).

What we do

Finders always recommend a Missing Beneficiary Comfort Policy as a minimum for the security and peace of mind of all administrators and executors.  Once a policy is in place, beneficiaries can receive funds safe in the knowledge they will never be asked to repay their inheritance in the future. In addition to comfort policies, we can offer Missing Beneficiary Insurance against specific heirs or stems of a family tree and Missing Will Insurance. AVIVA do not accept evidence from many other tracing companies yet Finders International are a trusted agent and we have access to their self-approval online system. In order for us to apply for- and subsequently obtain- a policy, we are required to have compiled a report and in many instances a quote and draft policy will be included with our findings. Premiums are a one-off payment made by the estate. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) membership number 310772.

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