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Our worldwide missing heir location is fast, efficient and cost-effective

Whether you need us to trace missing heirs to an intestacy or a missing beneficiary of a Will, we are confident we can provide a successful outcome. You will be amazed at the results we can achieve to find missing beneficiaries even with only the smallest amount of information to start with. Our expert team has many years of experience in tracing missing beneficiaries around the world.

Results can often be guaranteed or no fee is payable.

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As circumstances are often unique our quotations are specific to each individual case. Therefore, please call us for an instant quotation. Alternatively please write, fax or email us with details.

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You may already be familiar with our work, or you are now ready to instruct us to find the missing or unknown beneficiaries you are seeking. Please either call us, download our instruction form or complete the online instruction form. We will acknowledge receipt of your instructions by return.

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Call 0800 085 8796 (UK only) or +44 (0)20 7490 4935 (worldwide) now – we will take down details of your case, confirm costs and begin research immediately. All instructions are confirmed in writing for your reassurance. Quotations can be given instantly so feel free to call and we will try to help you.


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    All our fee options are independently checked and approved and in most cases you will be given a choice as to which you prefer. However, in some situations not all options are appropriate and we will advise you on this according to the specific circumstances of the case you are working on when we provide a quotation.Please read more about our fee options below. If special circumstances exist and you would like to discuss a bespoke fee structure, please contact us.

    In all cases we will always provide you with a full report at the conclusion of our research.

    • Contingency
    • Estate/Trust Agreement
    • Budget
    • Fixed Fee


    Research is carried out at no charge to the estate or your firm. A percentage commission is agreed with heir(s) payable from their individual net share(s) on distribution of the estate. This is currently our most popular fee option.

    • Ideal in intestate Estates where there is no known next of kin or part of the family is missing or unknown.
    • Also possible where tracing heirs named in a will.
    • Quick results – work can commence immediately on telephoned or online authority.
    • Maximum percentage commission can be set in advance.
    • No personal or financial risk to Solicitors, Administrators or heirs.
    • Sums due to any currently known heirs will remain unaffected and their claims can be verified free of charge in the course of research.
    • Finders’ Missing Will Service is available free of charge when this option is chosen.
    • Work can be completed within a timescale of your choosing.
    • No disbursement charges.
    • No heir(s) found = No fee.

    Estate/Trust Agreement

    Research is carried out at no charge to the estate or your firm. A percentage commission or pre-arranged fee is agreed with Executor, Administrator, Trustee or Personal Representative (“PR”) in advance. Our fee is then payable from the individual net share(s) of any heir(s) we locate on distribution of the estate or share(s) in question.

    • Ideal where modest sums are at stake, but can be used in most situations where a PR is already appointed.
    • Suited to situations where the heir(s) to be found are thought to be close kin to the deceased (i.e. Spouse or issue), minors or disabled.
    • Quick results – work can commence immediately on telephoned or online authority.
    • Maximum percentage commission or pre-arranged fee can be set in advance.
    • No disbursement charges.
    • No heir(s) found = No fee.


    Research carried out to an agreed budget limit and paid by the general estate. We report on the conclusion or progress made within this figure. Please note that, whilst we try to quote to complete research within the budget, further budget(s) may be required if research expands or is more complex than originally anticipated. Our fees are inclusive of all general expenses (post/fax etc.) but exclusive of disbursements (see terms & conditions for details) which are recharged at cost. Fees payable by 28 day invoice on production of our report.

    • Ideal where steady progressive research is preferred, usually into specifically defined areas of the family tree.
    • Suitable for research to find beneficiaries named in wills.
    • Minimal estate value / sum at stake restrictions.

    Fixed Fee

    Fee paid by the general estate. Once the research goal is determined, which could be to trace heirs or prove a negative to the advantage of existing heirs, a fee is agreed which is payable only if that goal is achieved. Fees payable by 28 day invoice on production or our report. The fixed fee includes all general expenses (post/fax etc.), but excludes disbursements (see terms & conditions for details).

    • Ideal where a maximum possible research fee is of reassurance to Executors / Administrators or their lawyers.
    • Avoids repeated budget stages of research and, therefore, could save money if research expands beyond the original expectations.
    • Usually an option in both testate and intestate scenarios.


    In many cases we can begin research to find missing beneficiaries based on only a name and date of death or a name given in a will. However, you may hold some information that will be of use to us and our checklist below will guide you through this.


    • Full name of deceased;
    • Last known address
    • Any previous addresses
    • Date and place of death;
    • Age or date of birth;
    • Marital status;
    • Testate or intestate?
    • Copy of will or any relevant certificates of birth, marriage or death;
    • If intestate: name and contact details of any blood relatives you are in touch with, and confirmation of their relationship to the deceased;
    • If testate: name of missing heir(s), their relationship to the deceased (if any), last known address, date of birth, spouse, parents’ or childrens’ names etc.;
    • Confirmation of issue of grant of probate and whether or not you are in funds;
    • Approximate value of estate;
    • Approximate value(s) of share(s) due to missing heir(s); and
    • Any other potentially useful or relevant information or documents.