Our People

Aside from the below, we have numerous personnel and agents worldwide whose names we do not publicise. This is in order to prevent impersonation and avoid security risks. If you are approached by a person claiming to work for Finders whose name is not featured below, please contact us for verification if you are concerned.

As the only UK member of the IAPPR, we are not only regulated but are part of an unparalleled & exclusive international network with over 1,000 years of combined global probate research experience.

Danny Curran
Founder / Managing Director
Simonne Llewellyn
Deputy Managing Director
Anette Nielsen
Senior General Manager
James Empson
Senior General Manager
Amy Louise Moyes
Senior Case Manager
Ryan Gregory
Senior Case Manager
David Moakes
Senior Case Manager
Katie Watson
Senior Case Manager
Louise Levene
International Asset Services Manager
Emma Johannesson
Senior Manager (Scotland)
Maeve Mullin
Office Manager/Senior Researcher (Ireland)
David Lockwood
Public Sector Development Manager
Tiina Rehunen
Office Manager/PA to M.D
Kirsty How
Marketing Manager
Ali Sawab
IT Manager
Amy Cox
Case Manager
Emma Bell
Case Manager
Giles Medd
Case Manager
Suzanne Rowley
Case Manager
Camilla Price
US & International Case Manager
Hayley Seager
US & International Case Manager (Ireland)
Alex Sorrell
Case Manager
Hayley Macneill
Case Manager
Lucianna Ravasio
Case Manager (Ireland)
Lorna Fleming
Private Client Manager (Ireland)
Adam Dean
Case Manager
Olivia Empson
Management & Marketing Assistant
Dee French-Patel
Senior Assistant Case Manager
Laura Walker
Assistant Case Manager
Olivia Sherman
Assistant Case Manager
James Booth
Assistant Case Manager
Holly O’Brien
Assistant Case Manager
Oliver Jameson
Anne Cassidy
Researcher (Scotland)
Alice Cadman
Mollie Storey
Junior Administrator
Alicia Hastings
Rebecca Pryce
Sophie Smith
Margarita Juxon-Roberts
HR Business Partner
Sandra Filipczak
Office Administrator
Sherelle Johnson
Jade Cole
Simantak Saha
Web Developer
Asher Carnell
Office Assistant