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Finders International

What we do

Finders International identifies and traces heirs to estates, property, and assets worldwide.

We are award-winning probate researchers – also known as ‘Heir Hunters’ – serving the public sectorprivate client legal departments, solicitors, lawyers, trust and estate administration, and unclaimed asset departments worldwide.

Finders International trace next-of-kin and reunite assets with heirs. We also find missing or unknown owners of empty homes and property.

Our probate researchers and forensic genealogists work extensively with solicitors in private client, wills & probate or trust teams, as well as Corporate & State Trustees around the world.

If we have contacted you, this is because either we believe you may be the beneficiary we are looking for, or because you may know the person or family we are seeking to locate.

We have extensive credentials and accreditations that are unparalleled in our industry.

Finders International’s services are fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and we have a team of approximately 100 UK & Irish personnel with a tried and trusted global network ready to assist.

Call us or complete the online or downloadable form and we’ll get started immediately.

We will assess your case promptly and send you our recommendations.

Not quite sure how to proceed or if we can assist? Get in touch, we are here to help!

Why have we contacted you?

As a firm of probate genealogists, Finders International trace next-of-kin and beneficiaries to estates and reunite assets with their rightful heirs. We also identify and locate owners of empty homes and property.

Our probate research teams work extensively with solicitors in private client, wills and probate and trust teams as well as with the public sector and our international partners.

If we have contacted you, this is because either we believe you may be the beneficiary we are looking for, or you may know the person or family we are seeking. Either way, the work we do is always of financial benefit to the people we trace.

We are a highly accredited firm and many staff have been trained by recognised bereavement, mental health and dementia organisations. We are regulated by the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers (IAPPR) and have numerous legally trained staff and paralegals amongst our team.

Our rewarding work has also enabled us to reunite families and provide fascinating insights into their pasts.

In addition to tracing missing beneficiaries, we also offer a range of support services helping the beneficiaries we locate with every stage and aspect of the  probate or asset reunification processes.

Why choose us?

We can often locate next of kin within 24 hours

Over 475 years combined staff experience

ISO 9001 Total Quality Management Certification

ISO 27001 Information Management System Certification

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Featured on BBC One's Heir Hunters, Ireland’s Property Crisis, ITV This Morning and many more.

A main firm on BBC1 ‘Heir Hunters’ providing expert forensic genealogy & probate research

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