Beneficiaries to Unclaimed Assets

It is estimated that there is up to £200 billion worth of unclaimed assets in the UK. These include:

  • Pensions;
  • Life or other Insurance Policies;
  • Saving plans;
  • Shareholdings;
  • Dormant accounts;
  • Dividends;
  • Client account funds;
  • Physical assets, property, or items of value;
  • Or any other credit balance from thousands or sources!

Assets remain unclaimed for various reasons. For example, the asset holder may have moved, passed away, or are unresponsive when correspondence is sent to their address. Assets from deceased persons may remain unclaimed due to a lack of a Will or beneficiaries are unaware of the assets as the deceased never discussed them.

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Finders International Service

Why Choose Finders International?

Finders International have successfully reunited Beneficiaries, both in the UK and Worldwide, with unclaimed funds in their name or due to them via inheritance.


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If you wish us to help recover the money due to you, simply sign our agreement and send the required documents. We will take care of the rest of the process and any incidental costs are covered by our commission fee.

If you are a company or organisation holding unclaimed funds, property, or accounts, and would like us to help locate beneficiaries, please contact us or see our Asset Reunification Service page.


Finders International will contact you if we have located an asset that we believe you, or someone you may know, is entitled to.

Please contact via phone, letter, or email  to let us know that the named person/s no longer lives at the address. If you have any information that may help us locate the individual, please let us know. For example, a forwarding address, the property manager, or the estate agent that dealt with the sale of your home.

We will never ask you to make any direct payments to us. Our fee is set in advance with your agreement, as a fixed percentage of the final sum due to you, paid only when you are. Finders International will often work on a no win/no fee basis. Should your claim be unsuccessful for any reason, our time and expenses will be written off and you will not owe us anything.

No. Please note that we are not debt collectors and are only involved with positive asset tracing.

Finders International use various databases which hold public records. In accordance with our ISO 27001 standard, we are fully GDPR compliant.

Most assets are recovered within 6-18 months. However, timings can be influenced by the individual characteristics of each case.

Testimonial: Mrs A from Surrey contacted us having received our letter to inform us she thought she knew about this unclaimed sum and that it was negligible. However, she signed our form and we found out she was due £38,000! She commented “I’m shocked and delighted – and very grateful to you for your work!”

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