Find Ownership of Property

How to find out the owner of a property?

Whether you are looking for the current owner of an abandoned building, need to establish clear legal title to a property, or want to determine the rights associated with unregistered land, Finders International can help.

We are a professional probate research firm with over 50 years’ experience of finding living next of kin for empty homes, even when sometimes the property has remained empty for a very long time. These empty homes could be re-furnished and brought back into use with our help.

Tracing the ownership of property in the UK can be a relatively straightforward process if the property is registered with the Land Registry. The Land Registry is a government department that keeps a record of all land and property in England and Wales. Anyone can search the Land Registry’s online database to find out who owns a property, as long as they have the address or postcode of the property.

If the property is not registered with the Land Registry, then tracing the ownership may be more difficult. However, there are still a number of steps that can be taken. In some cases, it may also be possible to trace the ownership of a property by looking at historical records, such as old deeds or wills.

How Finders International can help with tracing property owners?

  • Find the current owner of an abandoned building: If a building has been abandoned for a long period of time, it can be difficult to determine who the current owner is. Finders International can use a variety of records to track down the owner, including property tax records, land registry documents, and probate records.
  • Establish clear legal title to a property: If there is a dispute over the ownership of a property, Finders International can help to establish clear legal title. We can research the property's history and identify the rightful owners.
  • Determine the rights associated with unregistered land: In some countries, land may not be registered with the government. This can make it difficult to determine who owns the land and what rights they have. Finders International can help to research unregistered land and identify the rightful owners.
Find Ownership of Property

How we Work?

We have a team of experienced researchers who can access a wide range of records, including land registry documents, probate records, and census data. We can also use social media and other online resources to track down missing heirs.

While next of kin may be distantly related or living outside of the UK, they will still be the rightful heirs to a property owned by someone who has passed away, and we can usually find next of kin within a few days and can assist the local authority empty homes officer by arranging for clearance and prompt refurbishment.

If you need help finding the current owner of an abandoned building, establishing clear legal title to a property, or determining the rights associated with unregistered land, please contact Finders International today. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free consultation.

Case study: A property that had been vacant for 10 years

(names changed for data protection reasons).

A Scottish Council contacted us regarding a property that had been vacant for 10 years. Having identified the owner as Mr Smith and where he resided they explained that there had been no response from the current owner.

Within 7 working days, our researchers had located and spoken to the missing property owner.

Mr Smith confirmed that he did in fact own the property and was aware that it was vacant but had been extremely busy with family matters back in Yorkshire.

We offered our assistance in taking care of the property and placing the property on the market to achieve maximum value as we have an office in Edinburgh and SRA regulated panel firm solicitors that could assist. Mr Smith was happy with our proposal and retained our services.

Due to the condition of the property local agents valued it at around £50,000, almost 50% less than nearby properties.

Whilst preparing the property for market, we made contact with a property developer who paid offered to do a cash purchase at £90,000 and eventually we settled at £105,000.00.

Mr Smith was extremely grateful when he received his cheque for the sale of the property, without the risk of upfront fees or the inconvenience of selling a property in a different jurisdiction.

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NB: It’s important to note that intestacy rules are subject to change due to legal updates and amendments. To ensure accurate information, it’s recommended to consult legal professionals or authoritative sources specific to the current year.

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