Public Sector

Finders International work with councils, coroners, hospitals, housing associations and care homes across the UK and Ireland. We assist with tracing heirs to property, estates, assets and unclaimed funds, as well as locating next of kin to arrange and attend funerals.


No Known Next of Kin?

Research undertaken free of charge to trace next of kin to register the death, make funeral arrangements and apply for probate.

Empty Homes Services

We can help trace missing owners to empty properties and assist with getting them back to use.

Estate Agents

We can assist councils with selling and insuring properties which are owned by their clients.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance to Local Authority Deputyship teams

Family Tree Verification

An essential best practice service to check all heirs are accounted for and to make sure you are passing estate information to the correct people.

Finders International Funeral Fund

When our research ascertains there are no next of kin, our charitable fund can contribute to the funeral costs.

Missing Will Service

We can search for missing Wills and our search is pre-approved for insurance via Aviva.

Missing, Dormant and Unclaimed Assets

Search for missing, unknown or forgotten accounts and holdings in the UK and overseas to maximise the estate value.

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Meet the Team

What we do

Finders International is best known for tracing missing heirs and identifying lawful and entitled next of kin, with local authority deputies & appointees, public health act funeral officers, empty homes officers, hospital bereavement services teams, coroners, the police and others since 1997. We support the public sector and understand that our research will form part of a legal process. Therefore, we always work efficiently and with the best interests of the council, or the referring body, the administrator and beneficiaries at all times. Reputation is critical, and we will safeguard yours as closely as our own. We have permanently fully staffed offices in London, Edinburgh and Dublin enabling us to complete searches quickly across multiple jurisdictions. When complex estates need to be dealt with, we have a proven track record of tracing beneficiaries overseas in numerous countries. Many of our partners abroad are exclusive to us. Data protection and standards issues are critical when working with the public sector. We are an award and tender-winning firm and our standards exceed those of any other firm in our industry. We have ISO accredited standards in Information Security, Quality Management systems and, uniquely in our industry, the highly praised environmental standard, ISO 14001. Our dedicated Public Sector Team Case Managers have received training from Mind, Cruse Bereavement Care and Dementia Friends, to ensure that we deal with our clients as sensitively as possible.

Additional Services

Missing Document Services

Use our services to obtain missing documents for your deputyship/appointeeship clients.

Statutory Will & Deputyship Services

Identify a client’s family members prior to Statutory Will or Deputyship applications.

International Asset Services

Reseals, medallion signature guarantees, share sales and repatriation of estate funds from overseas jurisdiction.

Training and Support

We sponsor several training days and conferences for those working in the public sector and have established advice websites to provide support and expert help.

Property Searches

Full property search as part of the overall package for the public sector.

Asset Reunification

If you hold any unclaimed Funds, we can assist with tracing the owners and offer bespoke solutions to suit most requirements.

Insurances with Aviva

Obtain missing beneficiary cover, a comfort policy or missing Will cover via Aviva to provide peace of mind and enable a safer distribution of funds.

Quality Assurance & Procurement

At Finders International meeting our clients’ requirements and expectations with respect to our products and services is of paramount importance to us. This not only helps us build a trustworthy brand in an unregulated industry but also helps us in maintaining client loyalty and respect. We know that public sector bodies have been under intense financial pressure. That’s why when you use Finders International you can rest assured that we are able to not only provide a wealth of experience and expertise in family research and locating next of kin, but also offer access to free legal advice for next of kin from our selected panel of independent solicitors, at no cost and no risk. When working with the public sector we are aware that your reputation and regulation are important. That’s why we employ more NALP paralegals than any other firm and have a range of accreditations and codes that ensure quality throughout. We are continually monitoring and improving across the entire range of services we provide in order to ensure all customers return to us time and time again. Finders International are a award- and tender-winning firm. We have also been successful in procurement exercises and are happy to bid should an opportunity arise. For more information on how we can assist any public sector body, please contact us.