Property Searches

Sometimes a local authority may not have the time or resources to undertake a full property search. Finders International offer this service as part of the overall package we offer to the Public Sector.

Once an authority receives a referral or becomes aware that they may be called upon to carry out a public health funeral, they can refer the case to Finders to trace next of kin as they may be able to make the necessary arrangements instead. If the deceased owned a property or rented a property, we can carry out a search to identify if there is a Will or details of family.

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Our services include:

  • Securing the property & regular checks - Our network of DBS checked regional representatives, can attend properties regularly if required. We can also secure properties from squatters.
  • Change of Locks - We will arrange for locksmiths to change the locks, securing the property. We can also fit a key-safe at the property.
  • Inventory / Property Search for identification of physical assets - Our trained regional representatives will visit the property, taking videos/photographs of the property as they initially find it. They will carry out a search for valuable items, jewellery, securities, paperwork, Wills, and funeral bonds. They will also look for personal mementoes and sentimental items that a family would keep such as certificates, photo albums, medals etc.
  • Clearing Properties - We will arrange for a property to be cleared by authorised contractors. Our staff will supervise the process, especially when a property has been hoarded and paperwork needs to be searched for and located.
  • Sale of Chattels - We can arrange for items to be valued and placed in Auction, thus maximising income for the estate.
  • Storing assets & sentimental items for friends & family - We will arrange for items to be taken into secure storage for collection at a later date.
  • Obtaining Legal Documents - We will obtain copies of birth and death certificates to verify the family tree.
  • Aviva Property Insurance - With our property insurance you have peace of mind that an unoccupied property will remain insured whilst empty.