U.S. & International Cases

Unclaimed estates and funds arise all over the world. A person who emigrated from their country of birth may have died with unknown next of kin or left assets and investments behind, perhaps forgetting their existence or passing away without a record of these.


Missing Heir Location

Our expert team has many years of experience in tracing missing beneficiaries across the globe.

No Known Next of Kin?

If you want to refer a case with unknown next of kin, at no risk and no cost, we have tried and trusted solutions to assist you.

Tracing Unclaimed Asset Owners

Trace unclaimed asset, account, pension, life insurance, shareholding or property owners around the world.

Family Tree & Research Verification

An essential best practice service to check all heirs are accounted for to ensure correct distribution.

Countries Covered

Effective international research worldwide.

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What we do

We have a probate research team specialised in working with overseas partners to help bring news of an inheritance or asset due to heirs living around the world. Our research skills extend to numerous countries, either directly from our offices in London, Edinburgh or Dublin, or through our exclusive network of global partners and our regulated partners at the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists and Heir Hunters. (www.IAPPR.org) There are billions of pounds worth of unclaimed funds around the world and we pride ourselves on taking a proactive stance in identifying and locating the rightful beneficiaries. These funds take many forms: from unclaimed property or estates to financial assets or accounts which are lying dormant, having seemingly been forgotten. All international matters receive our specialist and dedicated attention. As speed is often of the essence, international research cases are prioritised and work commences extremely quickly after referral. Most cases of this kind are worked on a contingency fee basis, meaning the heirs we trace have nothing to pay at any time, and our fee, calculated as a percentage, can only be paid when an heir successfully receives money due to them. If the case is written off or comes to nothing, beneficiaries will not owe us anything. We take the financial risk and therefore, will do our utmost to ensure a successful outcome.