Legal Support Services

Our Legal Support Services assist solicitors and other legal professionals with a variety of matters including searches for missing wills, unclaimed assets, dormant balances, required documents and checks for bankruptcy around the world.  Occasionally these services can be offered to private executors of an estate.


Overseas Bankruptcy Searches

We offer bankruptcy searches for several jurisdictions overseas prior to distribution of estate funds, including Australia, New Zealand, the U.S, and many more.

Missing Will Service

Search for a record of the Deceased’s Will, or for a later version than the one held, through our comprehensive and bespoke service (incorporating the Certainty Will Register).

Missing, Dormant & Unclaimed Assets

Our new and improved UK asset search draws together our resources to check for unclaimed or missing assets and will identify funds that may have been overlooked or deposited in accounts that have been forgotten.

Missing Document Service

Our Missing Document Service can assist with obtaining copies of certificates, Wills and other documents. At Finders, we can undertake research, locate records and provide missing documents to assist with file management.

Section 27 Trustee Act Notices

Protect executors from any potential creditors making a claim on the estate by placing a Section 27 notice in the Gazette and a newspaper local to the deceased's last known address.

Will Bank Update

Review your Will bank and renew contact with clients to confirm your records are up to date.

What we do

Using extensive experience, our specialists can assist you through the many stages of the estate administration process and help ensure that best practice is observed. Our searches and insurance backed services offer peace of mind for a safer distribution of funds to beneficiaries. Finders International’s Missing Will Service can help confirm a deceased’s intestacy status or check for a later version of a Will you may hold. We can expand on searches offered by Certainty to offer a wide-ranging, bespoke product to mitigate risks to executors and administrations. These searches help facilitate a correct distribution of an estate to the rightful heirs whilst also providing insurance cover via Aviva upon completion of searches. Our Asset Searches help maximise the value of an estate by checking for both live and dormant accounts and holdings which enable correct information to be entered onto IHT forms. Thanks to our global reach and experience, bankruptcy searches can be run in countries around the world to check for insolvency against beneficiaries prior to solicitors making a payment of inheritance. This helps clients comply with the Law Society’s practice notes. The extensive searches we undertake put us at the forefront in the industry.

We will assess your case promptly and send you our recommendations.