Why Have I Been Contacted?

As a result of research to find missing heirs, unknown beneficiaries, or beneficiaries to unclaimed assets, our enquiries inevitably reach a point where we have to make contact with unsuspecting members of the public. Usually, our contact will have occurred because we believe you may be the beneficiary we are looking for or you may know the person or family we are seeking.

Simonne talking to beneficiaries
Finders International Service

Typical scenarios

  • Intestacy – someone has passed away without leaving a Will and we identify and locate next of kin in accordance with the laws of intestacy.
  • Named in a Will – someone has passed away leaving a Will but the named heirs cannot be traced or have passed away. The original Will may no longer be valid and an intestacy (or partial intestacy) has arisen.
  • Unclaimed assetsan asset has lain dormant or unclaimed for some time and we are tracing the beneficiaries. This could be a property, cash or another beneficial interest.

Our work is not limited to the above scenarios, but in all cases we handle there can only ever be a positive financial outcome for those involved.

Who has asked you to do this?

The majority of our work comes to us directly from private professional firms of Lawyers who have asked us to work independently on a commission basis (generally referred to as a ‘contingency fee’ basis). Sometimes we may choose to commence research on a case on our own initiative where Lawyers have yet to be appointed.

Please see our Payments Explained section for further details of our work on a commission basis.

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Who we work with

We work with a variety of public sector services, private companies and institutions and the general public.

We generally help anyone who needs to locate missing beneficiaries or unknown heirs for positive purposes including those looking to trace:

  • next of kin to a deceased person
  • empty property owners
  • missing legatees or Executors named in a Will
  • heirs to an unclaimed asset/property

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