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The agent I dealt with was responsive, very helpful and I would definitely use again.

South East England Solicitor, 2021

Delivered everything I requested and the team are always helpful and professional.

Ron Taylor, Co-Op Legal Services (Bristol), Case Manager, 2021

There was constant communication between myself and Sophie Dunlop. Sophie kept in touch and always responded even if she had not received information, she would let me know she was chasing the Solicitor. Sophie was professional and articulate.

Beneficiary, 2021

Everything was well explained and presented. Initially I was concerned it maybe a scam. However from your professional leaflets and information I was soon convinced you were genuine. You always responded promptly to any queries I had and led me through an unfamiliar process to its conclusion.

Beneficiary, 2021

I found you to be very professional and helpful, always willing to answer my questions.

Beneficiary, 2021

My firm has closely worked with Finders for many years and I find their service to be efficient and able to think outside the box when it comes to problem solving and handling unusual requests. I’m especially impressed with the wide range of services that they offer.

Alex Bowers, Woolley Bevis Diplock LLP, Partner

Finders understand what's required of them and they are proactive, constructive and have a sound understanding of their business and how to address the marketplace.

Gareth Hughes, Silverman Sherliker LLP, Partner

The comprehensive range of services offered by Finders helps to simplify the estate administration process immensely. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff and clear pricing structures make dealing with Finders completely hassle-free.

Tim Dysterre Clark, Alexander & Co Solicitors LLP, Partner

I have used Finders for many years and have always found their service to be excellent.

Donna Butler, Howard & Over, Partner

As a member of the Private Client team at Woolley Bevis Diplock I have worked with Finders and in particular Daniel Curran, on many intestacy cases. The efficiency and friendliness of Daniel’s team are to be commended. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

Wendy Macarthur, Woolley Bevis Diplock LLP, Paralegal

Finders staff are polite, helpful and quick to respond, highly recommended!

Jan Millar, Howard & Over, Partner

I find the services that Finders provide very useful and easy to apply for especially when I have to find a missing asset, will or beneficiary and the Finders team are always happy to help with any queries I have.

Sue Henning, Woolley Bevis Diplock LLP, Paralegal

Finders have provided me with a range of services, including heir tracing, and never disappoints.

Katherine Millman, Howard & Over, Solicitor (Private Client)

I would say that the family were extremely pleased with your swift, effective and economical service and everyone is delighted to have found this long lost relative, not least the relative herself.

John Astbury, Astburys Solicitors, Owner, 2021

“The speed at which your team found the next of kin was beyond expectations and then Adam Dean was great at keeping me updated while the next of kin was being contacted and confirmed”

UK Hospital, 2021

Within just a few hours of the referral being sent, James got back to me with loads of information and together with information I was able to pass on James had searched your archives and was able to locate the deceased family to notify them of the death of their sister and also the funeral arrangements that I’d put in place. I received a phone call from the sister of the deceased who, although tearful, expressed such profound gratitude that we had taken so much time, care and effort to ensure that her sister was given a nice funeral and that the family were located and notified in good time of it. I don’t think this would have had such a nice outcome if your team hadn’t been involved and if James Booth hadn’t worked so diligently and used his expertise. Well done James.

London Council, 2021

Oh that’s fantastic, you deserve a medal for finding out so much! Thank you so very much for all your hard work it’s greatly appreciated.

South East Council, 2021

I was just so pleased that you found me - not an easy task I am sure, plus eliminating other possible beneficiaries! I enjoyed the cheerful to-and-froing of correspondence.

Beneficiary, 2021

As a customer, I, and my siblings were kept updated fully, and we felt like a priority which I love from any business as a business owner myself. Our estate wasn’t huge in the scope of perhaps others, but we were treated as a priority and equal customer in every way. The team was helpful and friendly, all emails were returned promptly which is a big ask in this world. I feel upon completing our dealings with them that up until the point we were paid our shares of the estate that we were fully informed on the progress and incomplete truth I couldn’t be happier with the service we received.

Beneficiary, 07/06/21

From the initial point of contact, not just for me but for the rest of my family beneficiaries, Finders have been excellent. I was amazed at the rate they got around the country to see us all and even more stunned when my relatives called from Australia to say they'd been seen. Very approachable staff who were always willing to help

Beneficiary, 27/05/21

May I compliment your firm for the style, clarity and presentation of the letter and supporting documentation. It is most impressive.

Michael H Sandler, Keoghs LLP, Senior Partner, 2020

The fact that this service is available for free to local authorities is brilliant. In this case, I would have had no other way of tracking down the next of kin, meaning much more resources would have been required to see this property brought back into use

North West Council, 2020

I am just emailing to express my thanks and gratitude to you and your team with regards to assisting us when a patient passes away with no next of kin. The information collated is always very insightful and helpful and much appreciated by the hospital, as well as the families contacted who often are able to find some closure in lost or disconnected family members. I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help, your team are fantastic and very efficient, both with their work and communicating information back to me.

UK Hospital, 2020

It has been a pleasure and a delight dealing with your firm who have been exceptionally friendly, efficient and helpful. I compliment you and your staff.

Midlands Law Firm, 2019

Finders provided a prompt and professional service in trying to track down a NoK. I was impressed with how robust the search had been and the lengths that their officer had gone to trace potential family. When lines of enquiry were exhausted we were informed by Finders of their Funeral Fund through which we able to recover some of our costs when we would have be left completely out of pocket. Very grateful to Finders for their support and assistance.

South East Council, 2019

I am lost for words at your skills !!!
Thank you again, incredible service !!!

South East Coroners, 2019

Being able to learn about and share the family history is awesome. Danny [Curran] can be really proud because his company doesn't just share history and find people; it changes lives.

Beneficiary, 2019

I just want to acknowledge your timely help and guidance concerning my brothers passing. Without your participation I am sure I would be floundering in a sea of bureaucracy. The solicitor now acting on my behalf and whom you recommended, is interacting in both a timely and very competent Professional manner which gives me confidence that things are being well handled.

Beneficiary, 2019

The Service you had provided in locating next of kin has been invaluable and has meant that we have been able to provide beneficiaries with funds that are rightfully theirs.

North West Council, 2018

I want to say what a pleasure it has been dealing with you Emma, from our first telephone conversation through to our email exchanges. My brother has asked me to mention to you his personal thanks for your efforts on our behalf and for your prompt reply to any of my queries. Take care of yourself - and Finders have a treasure so far as you are concerned.

Beneficiary, 2018

This is the first time I have used your services and I must say how pleased I am. Amy is fantastic and is a credit to your staff, she has been 150% helpful!

London Council, 2017

We were very impressed with the speed and completeness of your search and look forward to using your services again. Thank you very much.

Midlands Council, 2017

Fantastic service! With a happy ending!

South West Hospital, 2017

Extremely efficient & professional service. I was amazed at how quickly you were able to locate 'lost' family.

Midlands Coroner, 2017

From the first telephone communication, which to be honest I received with some scepticism, to the completion matters with a letter and cheque from the appointed solicitors who dealt with me, a layperson, without resorting to baffling technical legal jargon to make me feel inclusive in the whole process. Your diligence, technical expertise, and professional etiquette are not only to credit to yourself but a tremendous endorsement of the Finders organisation whom you represent.

Beneficiary, 2017

A very efficient service was provided at a reasonable cost.

Rowberry Morris Solicitors, 2016

Found the missing beneficiaries very quickly and stayed within the budget agreed.

London Solicitor, 2016

Excellent, speedy service. Thank you.

Smith Partnership, 2016

A professional and speedy service.

Eric Hanson, HCB Park Woodfine LLP, 2016

The Finders Next of Kin Tracing Service offered a quick and free way to fulfill Bona Vacantia’s requirements to make reasonable efforts to locate blood relatives to administer any residual estate following a public assisted funeral. The company were efficient in dealing with this case.

South Council, 2016

Holy Mackerel Katie that’s what I call top notch service. That took you exactly 4 hours to the minute! God you’re brilliant!

Midlands Council, 2016

Very thorough information, well presented and timely. Have used Katie Watson and Holly Jones and found them to be informative and knowledgeable and always happy to help.

North East Council, 2016

Excellent service. Very prompt and kept us well informed. Would definitely continue to use the services.

Midlands Council, 2016

Fantastic work, NOK informed in less than 24 hours!'

South East Council, 2016

A very professional service. I found Finders very easy, the communication with Katie was always efficient and corteous and we would use the service again without hesitation. Thank you!

London Council, 2016

Fantastic easy service saving us hours of work.

Midlands Council, 2016

Extremely happy with the service received. Simonne was very prompt with her emails and kept me fully informed every step of the way. Will definitely use Finders again.

Rebecca Bird, Thomas Solicitors, 2015

Excellent as always, and for a very reasonable fee.

Poole Townsend, 2015

An excellent service every time.

HCB Widdows Mason, 2015

Thank you for supporting our search. You did a wonderful job.

Beneficiary, 2015

I thought this day would never arrive. To see my dad’s face today when I told him his brother had been found meant more to me than winning the lottery. A heartfelt thank you to Finders International for giving my dad his brother.

Beneficiary, 2015

Simonne & Emma who dealt with this matter for my father were extremely helpful & friendly. Our questions were dealt with promptly and we were fully informed at all times. Excellent.

Beneficiary, 2014

Without your service I would never have known about the inheritance. Thank you

Beneficiary, 2014

I was amazed at the extent of your research & delighted to have a little more knowledge of my Grandmother’s family. I am very grateful to you for all your trouble.

Beneficiary, 2014

I thank you so much for your research and efforts in locating us, which will perhaps enable us to learn a bit more about my father’s family history.

Beneficiary, 2014