Beneficiaries to Deceased Persons Estates

When a person passes away they may do so without leaving a Last Will & Testament or the Will they made is invalid. In both cases the estate is then treated as ‘intestacy’ and the rules of intestate succession come into force, according to the Country (or State) in which they died.

Finders International have worked with thousands of solicitors over decades where they have encountered problems identifying and locating the correct beneficiaries on intestacy. Similarly they come to us where a named person in a Will cannot be found and professional help is needed.

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In other cases we work independently or with our international partners to trace beneficiaries at our own risk and expense and are then paid on a contingency fee basis. This means that we are paid a percentage of the sums due to the missing beneficiaries we have located, but only if and when a case is successfully distributed.

If an Agreement has been sent to you then we ask you to sign and return this to us so that we may represent you – at no cost or financial risk to you – and claim the amount you are entitled to.

We are an award winning firm and one of the largest firms globally in our industry. With standards and benefits that are unmatched, we provide a safe and secure service to the heirs we locate.