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The world of forensic genealogy is inextricably linked to law. We feature important probate news and updates from around the web.

Identifying and locating heirs and the legal issues around probate matters can be caught up on here.



Tracing missing beneficiaries and locating heirs to estates, property and assets often results in  exciting and unusual stories coming to light. Probate research is not always simply about receiving an inheritance and often opens doors to the past that have remained closed for decades.


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The history of birth certificates

We dive into the origins and transformations of birth certificates in the United Kingdom, as well as the significant role they play in our everyday lives and globally.

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Woman inherits thousands from a relative she didn’t know existed

When Dr Anna Phillips was told that she’d inherited a share of an £180,000 inheritance from a man she had never met, she assumed it was a scam.

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