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We are known as the UK’s spokespersons for the probate research and forensic genealogy industry and often work with the media. All the latest heir hunter news and media coverage can be found below.


The world of forensic genealogy is inextricably linked to law. We feature important probate news and updates from around the web.

Identifying and locating heirs and the legal issues around probate matters can be caught up on here.



Tracing missing beneficiaries and locating heirs to estates, property and assets often results in  exciting and unusual stories coming to light. Probate research is not always simply about receiving an inheritance and often opens doors to the past that have remained closed for decades.


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Challenges to legacies left to charities

The Amazon-only film Knives Out was a who-dunnit relating to the murder of a wealthy man who’d changed his Will to exclude his family, donating instead to what he thought was a good cause.

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Finders International Featured in the Daily Mail’s This is Money

This is Money spoke to seven businesses to gauge their opinion of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s economic update, and one of them was Danny Curran, Managing Director of Finders International.

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