The IAPPR Reaches Australia

Danny Curran, chairman of the IAPPR met with Deanna Mannix today in the glorious New South Wales sunshine.

Revealed—the Top Baby Names for 2018 So Far

Olivia, Maya, Muhammad and Oliver—these are among the most popular names for babies in 2018.

Series 12—Finders International on Heir Hunters

The Finders International team is back on the small screen this week as the 12th series of Heir Hunters continues week-day mornings on the BBC.

Finders - BBC Heir Hunters

Heir Hunters Work Revealed—War Heroes, Potters, Book Illustrators and More

Finders International will feature once more on TV as one of the lead firm in the every-popular series, Heir Hunters which started 16th July.

Statutory Will Research

One of the services Finders International provides on behalf of professional clients is statutory will research, writes Danny Curran. Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

Soar in Funeral Costs in Scotland

A BBC Scotland report has revealed that the basic cost of a funeral in Scotland has risen on average by an incredible 77 percent since 2010. Photo by Simeon Muller on Unsplash

Who Do You Think You Are? Back on TV

The BAFTA-award winning TV series, Who Do You Think You Are? returns to our TV screens this week and we at Finders International will tune in to find out the families behind the celebrities we know and love.

Harry Kane—Surname and Family Background

Harry’s not the only well-known Harry Kane. The name also belonged to an American illustrator who lived from 1912 to 1988, and best know for his drawings for Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators books.

Dailyrecord : Shock figures reveal burial costs in North Lanarkshire rise by 130% in 7 years

Politicians have slammed shocking figures that reveal basic burial costs in North Lanarkshire have rocketed by more than 130 per cent in the last seven years.

Rise in Public Health Funerals in Wales

Recent news pointed to the stark rise in the numbers of public health funerals in Wales.

Care Costs: Welsh People Now Able to Keep More Savings

People in Wales can now keep more of their savings before they need to pay for a care home.


Daughter of SAS hero who inherited £140,000 estate to star on BBC show

A woman whose father was one of the founding members of the SAS has inherited a £140,000 estate from a relative she never knew.

Sunday Mercury : Family Miss Out On Pensioner’s £300,000 estate

A FAMILY'S celebrations following news they had inherited a fortune have been cut very short following the II th hour discovery of a will.

The Guardian : Danny Curran: ‘I don’t get paid by the BBC, but make about £150,000’

I’m the founder of Finders International, which tracks down family members of people who die without a will, and feature a lot on BBC One’s Heir Hunters programme.

Birmingham Live : £300k family fortune left to dogs and RSPCA

A Family's celebrations following news they had inherited a fortune have been cut very short following the 11th hour discovery of a will.

Stoke-on-Trent Live: Stoke-on-Trent brothers get this surprise inheritance when long-lost relative dies – now their story is to feature on BBC’s Heir Hunters

Two Stoke-on-Trent brothers are to feature in an episode of BBC Heir Hunters after a surprise inheritance from a family member they lost touch with decades before.

Finders Talk Heir Hunters on BBC Stoke Radio

Finders International’s Senior case manager Amy-Louise Moyes joins the show to talk about the new series of Heir Hunters. Joined by heir Alan Newman in relation to the Henshall case which features on BBC 1 Heir Hunters today at 11am.

Nantwich News : Nantwich woman inherits £100,000 from book illustrator she never met

A Nantwich woman has inherited the £100,000 estate of a children’s book illustrator that had been left unclaimed.

Daisy Staines

The care home environment – Tracing Unknown Next Of Kin

The recent case of 104 year old Daisy Staines, who died in a care home in Essex and had no known next of kin to attend her funeral, highlights the increasing prevalence of people outliving their immediate relations.

If you have one of these surnames, you could be in line to inherit a FORTUNE

You may not know it but, if you have the right surname, you could be about to come into some serious money.

Free next of kin tracing service to tackle issue of people outliving their immediate relations

Providing a free next of kin tracing service for care and nursing homes, Finders International are aiming to tackle the two percent of over 65s who die without any family.

Leicestershire people with these surnames could inherit a fortune

It's a little-known secret that the details of thousands of unclaimed estates are available online.