Media Advice Research and Contributions

Professional Research Services for TV, Film, Radio & News

Our dedicated media research team works closely with TV producers, production companies, film researchers, film producers as well as radio producers, novelists and journalists. The 100+ strong team of researchers based in London, Dublin and Edinburgh often turnaround detailed research within 24 to 48 hours.

In addition, Finders International’s affiliated offices around the world, from Europe to the US and Australia, can also wrap up global research requests in double quick time too.

Our services range from:

  • finding missing family connections
  • extensive family tree investigations
  • identifying appropriate case studies
  • providing an insight and social history around the fascinating world of previous generations
  • asset ownership history

and much more…

If you would like to discuss any of these services, please email  [email protected] in the first instance.

Expert Media Contributor & Featured TV Expert Guest

Danny Curran is an expert contributor to television, film, podcasts, radio, digital, online and print media as well as an in-demand public speaker on a broad range of topics to include:

  • Genealogy
  • Heir hunting
  • Family trees
  • Inheritance
  • Intestacy procedures
  • Probate genealogy
  • Abandoned and empty properties

Danny enjoys being a regular guest on TV and radio and has contributed to more than 13,000 media pieces on a wide range of topics over the decades  – from expert opinions on a breaking news story to finding next of kin, general probate genealogy, reuniting families, tracing lost assets (to include shares and investments), inheritance and intestacy, ‘Who Do you Think You Are?’ type investigations, abandoned and empty houses, as well as public health funerals, and heir hunting among others.

All these topics are closely aligned with his 30+ years of expertise in heir hunting and probate genealogy. His work has now reached the incredible 100,000+ case load!

One of his key pro bono areas of work involves finding descendents of world war veterans and reuniting memorabilia, sometimes of great historic importance, with decedents of the original recipient.

Danny Curran is also the founding member of the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers (IAPPR) – an industry leading body that promotes ethical methods and best practice within the area of heir hunting, probate research and probate genealogy.

For TV producers, production companies, TV & film researchers and journalists all over the world, Danny Curran is the trusted ‘talking head’, expert guest and commentator for all strands of broadcast media.