Payments explained

The payment due to you

If we believe that you are a beneficiary to an estate or asset, we will do everything we can to ensure you are paid as promptly as possible.

Sometimes money is paid out in stages, referred to as ‘interim distribution(s)’. These can help in getting money sent out sooner, but are not always possible on every matter.

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Having confirmed you as a beneficiary, we will provide you with further information about the estate or asset.

Once our report is finalised, we write to you again to notify you that this has been done.

We can only be paid when you receive your money and please be reassured that you cannot inherit a debt.

Your queries throughout will be answered promptly and without charge. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

When a person dies with no known next of kin, there is often no one who can authorise payment in order to trace potential beneficiaries. This is a problem which can lead to an estate remaining unclaimed forever and, therefore, persons who would be entitled to an inheritance may never hear of it.

Similarly, an asset may remain dormant or unclaimed for years.

In cases where nobody can pay us a fee we may choose to fund an investigation ourselves. If we do not find entitled heirs, or perhaps where a family has died out completely, we are forced to write off our investment.

If we do find people who stand to benefit, we ask them to sign a simple commission fee agreement with us. We are then paid an agreed percentage of the beneficiary’s share of the estate or asset at the same time as the beneficiary receives their money.

Sometimes lawyers handling an estate are already aware of one or more existing heirs, but may still ask us to work in this way as this is usually the quickest, fairest and most effective way of attempting to find others equally entitled.

As we cannot be paid until the heirs are paid, we are always working with their best interests in mind – to ensure they receive everything they are entitled to, as soon as possible.

Absolutely not. Beneficiaries represented by Finders will have our commission fee paid by deduction from their net entitlement(s) and nothing else to pay.

Finders will compile a detailed report which will then be submitted to the Lawyers, person or company responsible for settling the estate or asset. We will notify you in writing when this has been done.

In due course you will be sent the money due to you, but if you require any updates or further information whilst you are waiting you can contact us at any time.