Will Bank Update

Do you hold a bank of Wills at your firm’s offices or in storage? Have you acquired a new Will bank via a merger or acquisition?

It is good practice to regularly review these records to ensure they are up to date and fulfill the requirements of due diligence. By reconnecting with clients, this could also act as an opportunity to generate new business for your firm by offering clients additional products.

  • Is the client at the same address?
  • Has the client moved on?
  • Is the client still alive?
  • Does the client wish to update their Will?
  • Do you have other services to offer to the client?

Search requirements:

  • Name of client
  • Last known address
  • Date of birth (where known)

Our service can help you update record sets by confirming clients at the address, providing a forwarding address or confirming they have passed away.

Contact us to discuss your situation and provide an outline of the issues you are concerned about and we will provide a bespoke solution.