Court of Protection Research Services

Our services for Court of Protection teams and Deputies

As professional probate genealogists, we aim to deliver an efficient, reliable service to Court of Protection teams and Deputies when dealing with P’s finances.

Deputyship Applications

We can assist pre-Deputyship Application if the Court requires you to contact family, friends, and neighbours of the Client.

Family tree research required for Statutory Will Applications

We can assist in constructing P’s family tree to confirm next of kin (wherever they are in the world). Our report provides full family contact details enabling you to contact them directly regarding the Application.

Additional Services

Missing Will Search service: We can conduct a search to ensure that P has no existing Will, or that the Will you hold is the most current.

Financial Asset Searches: We can provide financial asset searches for living Clients under a Deputyship order. This service ensures that, as Deputy, you are aware of all assets P holds.

Administrator Search: If P passes away with no known next of kin, we can identify and locate surviving kin and identify a potential Administrator. We then put your firm in touch directly with the prospective Administrator to move forward with the Estate administration.

Unoccupied Property Insurance:

  • All periods of cover offered
  • Immediate cover on receipt of property details
  • No requirement for regular property visits
  • Insurance provided by Marsh and underwritten by Aviva

How are we paid?

We provide bespoke fee quotations based on the extent of the family tree required and the research necessary. Costs vary depending on the extent of the family tree and whether overseas research is required.

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