Bond of Caution & Executor Insurance by AVIVA

A bond of caution is a special form of insurance offered to practitioners in Scotland who are dealing with intestacies valued at over £36,000 gross. This bond is a policy that protects beneficiaries (and creditors) against any losses caused by maladministration by the executor dative and is submitted in support of the confirmation application. Finders International can obtain the bonds of caution as agents of AVIVA.

We can also help executor datives obtain executor insurance to offer comprehensive cover for Scottish estates and mitigate their liability. We will be required to verify the family tree to ensure all beneficiaries are accounted for.

Bonds of caution should also be obtained when dealing with small estates valued at sub-£36,000 where the Sheriff Clerk’s Office has not prepared the required forms.

Missing beneficiary insurance should be sought when there is a specific missing heir .

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