Family Tree Verification / Research Service

Finders are often asked to check and verify family tree research prior to assets or funds being distributed to assumed next of kin. We consider this to be a vital step for estate practitioners and personal representatives to mitigate the potential risks of an incorrect distribution.

Errors can occur for a number of reasons including

  • Reliance on a single family member for information.
  • Family secrets and mistaken testimony from family members.
  • Using an inexperienced researcher or genealogist, perhaps with limited research resources at their disposal.
  • Reliance on internet-based information sources, which are estimated to have errors in transcription in about 10% of all records.

We have seen a large number of cases where family have provided solicitors with outdated details, wrong information and/or omissions from the family tree. Our research has stopped an incorrect distribution of funds and safeguarded the personal representatives and solicitors from future claims.

Our verification of the family tree is a requirement before an application for a Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance Policy from AVIVA prior to distribution of an Estate.

All of our quotes are prepared free of charge and will highlight areas of risk or possible omissions along with our suggestions on how to remedy these problems.

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