Missing Beneficiary Comfort Policy

Finders International always recommend a Missing Beneficiary Comfort Policy as standard for the security and peace of mind of personal representatives.  Once a policy is in place, beneficiaries can receive funds safe in the knowledge they will never be asked to repay their inheritance in the future.

Even if a genealogist has investigated all available avenues of research, there is still a risk that unknown heirs may surface in the future and make a claim to the estate (e.g. an unknown, illegitimate child of the Deceased who may have a prior claim).

Policies premiums are typically determined by the value of the estate being covered and include an escalator clause.

In order for us to obtain a policy, we are required to have compiled a family tree verification or missing beneficiary report and in many instances a quote and draft policy will be included with our findings. Premiums are a one-off payment made by the estate.

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