Heir Hunters – FAQ

Any questions?

We are happy to communicate on a one to one basis with anyone who has specific questions about our work, the filming of the BBC Heir Hunters show or anything else you may want to know about us.

Some of the questions we often hear in regard to our appearances on BBC Heir Hunters are listed below.

Send us an email if you have any further questions and we hope you enjoy watching Finders International on the BBC Heir Hunters TV series.

No we don’t, not a penny

It’s a little distracting rather than difficult and surprisingly easy to get used to.

Generally no, but there have been times when we have had to repeat ourselves, for the benefit of the cameras.

Yes. Permission is always sought prior to any filming taking place. The process usually involves Finders asking the heirs if they would like to receive a call from Heir Hunter TV production company staff for a discussion with the makers of Heir Hunters first, before any filming.