Transferable Nil Rate Band Service

If the Deceased died on or after 9th October 2007 and their spouse / civil partner predeceased without using all of the nil rate band available to them at the time, the Deceased’s Personal Representatives may transfer any unused percentage of the predeceasing spouse’s nil rate band and add it to the Deceased’s nil rate band.

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A potentially valuable saving on Inheritance Tax not to be overlooked!

A potentially valuable saving on Inheritance Tax not to be overlooked!

Finders can provide the documentary evidence required by HMRC by:

  • Providing evidence of marriage.
  • Providing evidence that the spouse predeceased.
  • Confirming who benefited from the predeceasing spouse’s estate and whether or not a trust existed.
  • Confirming who the predeceasing spouse’s Personal Representatives were.
  • Confirming what percentage of the predeceasing spouse’s nil-rate band was used.
  • Confirming the position with regard to any possible deed of variation on the predeceasing spouse’s estate.

We will deliver:

  • A certified copy of the Deceased’s marriage certificate,
  • A certified copy of the predeceasing spouse’s death certificate,
  • A copy of their Will and Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, or confirmation that none was recorded.

Cost & Delivery Times

Regular Service - allow 10-14 days for delivery* Priority Service - allow 2-5 days for delivery**
If the dates and places of marriage and spouse’s death are both known £65.00 + VAT £90.00 + VAT
If either the date and place of marriage and/or spouse’s death are NOT known £90.00 + VAT £110.00 + VAT
Certificates of marriage & death (at cost) £9.25 (no VAT) £23.40 (no VAT)
Copies of Wills/Grants £10.00 (no VAT) £10.00 (no VAT)
*Government dept. responsible produces documents in 5 working days. **Government dept. responsible produces documents in 1 working day. Please allow extra time for weekends, bank holidays and for postage, although we can email or fax results in advance if required.
Cost & Delivery times

Order TNRB Service

Please call 0800 085 8796 (UK only) or +44 20 7490 4935 or complete one of the forms below.

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    Finders will order your Missing Document(s) as soon as possible. In the normal course of events please allow 5 working days for delivery (Regular service) or 48 hours for delivery (Priority service). If you have any queries, please contact us. We will use your firm name and the certificate surname as our database reference.

  • Terms & Conditions:

    1. Certificates – We only obtain certified copies of full certificates (no abbreviated or short form certificates) from official government sources.
    2. Time – These are government office target times and in the majority of cases are reliable. However, we cannot take responsibility for late delivery.
    3. Document charges – These are re-charged at cost with no mark-up. Prices are set by the government department responsible and are subject to change without notice.
    4. Payment – in full in advance. If this is not possible for any reason, please contact us to agree payment terms before placing your order.
    5. Overdue Invoices – We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue invoices at 4% over the Bank of England Base Rate. Unexplained debts of 90 days or more overdue may be referred to a third party for recovery and their charges added to our invoiced amount, plus overdue interest. If you believe there will be any difficulty in paying our fees on time, we encourage you to contact us at the earliest opportunity in order to agree a revised payment schedule or other solution.
    6. Date Variation – We may rely on the dates you supply to us in order to identify the document you require. If we cannot identify the document we will search relevant indexes. If we still cannot identify with certainty the document you are seeking we will revert to you for further instructions.
    7. Service Charge– please click here: missing document costs delivery / to see current charges. Documents are recharged at cost. For 10+ documents, please contact us. If any company or individual orders in excess of 10 documents at anytime, Finders reserve the right to apply a Service Charge at a rate of £40 + VAT per document ordered (+ fee for the document re-charged at cost).