Heir Hunters Series 9 Preview - Finders are back in action!

It was all hands on deck when the case of Roger Stuart Lennon, initially referred privately to the Finders team became public. Aware that competing firms would also be seeking out Roger's rightful heirs, Finders boss Daniel Curran put everyone on the job of tracing Roger's beneficiaries.

CATCH up - Finders on BBC Heir Hunters Series 8

Follow Finders team of researchers along the exciting trail of discovery that leads through a family history that covers the First World War and shines a light on the old world of domestic service. Meet family members and hear their recollections as the Finders team trace Pub Landlord Michael Naish’s heirs in this episode of the new series of Heir Hunters..

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Last Will Image
Massive hunt launched to find Irish relatives of woman who left €692,000 fortune
Massive hunt launched to find Irish relatives of woman who left €692,00 fortune. A €692,00 fortune that was left to Irish relatives of a woman who died in the UK is in limbo because her descendants have not come forward.
the scotaman-scotland sunday
Heir Hunting team looking for lucky Scots
Heir-Hunting team looking for lucky Scots - Finders international “heir hunter” firm has opened its first office in Scotland – giving some unsuspecting people the opportunity to claim untold riches from the estates of distant long-lost relatives who have died without leaving a will and no known next-of-kin.
spring fling - finders
Finders Spring Fling – 2015
Finders Spring Fling - Finders welcomes you to view the amazing image gallery, and even better video capturing the magic of the night.
18 years logo
Spring Fling Marks 18 Years in Business for Finders
Finders International celebrated an exciting 18 years in business, the launch of our new international services and the opening of our Dublin office with a spring fling on Friday 24 April
Heir Hunters - Western people image
The Western People – Heir Hunters
The Western People - Heir Hunters - The Western People in Ireland featured an unusual and exciting piece about one of our Irish cases today.
M.D Daniel Curran on KFM Radio with Ciara Plunkett
M.D Daniel Curran joins KM radio with Ciara Plunkett. Daniel provides listeners with the knowledge of intricacies of how Finders operate in Ireland. Weather the knowledge is gain through desktop work, knocking and asking or even visiting a local parish.
M.D Daniel Curran on Ireland: AM – Heir Hunters
Finders International has just opened up an office in Dublin and Managing Director of the company Daniel Curran joins Ireland:AM to explain more about Heir Hunters.
M.D Daniel Curran on Radio RTE 2FM with Dave Fanning
Listeners are treated to a vast array of knowledge of how Heir Hunters really work. Also Finders have a Dublin office and for any Irish solicitors or councils seeking our help they can contact us directly via phone or email or check the Irish Unclaimed Estates list.
Shaun Doherty Show
M.D Daniel Curran on Highland Radio with Shaun Doherty
Daniel Curran features on Highland Radio with Shaun Doherty. The show today was about unclaimed estates, how this work and how Finders can help beneficiaries! People of Irish origin can check the Unclaimed Estates.IE site today, and see whether they may be related or know information about the estate of a long lost relative or friend.
Shannonside radio-The Joe Finnegan Show
M.D Daniel Curran on Shannonside radio with Joe Finnegan
Daniel Curran features on the Joe Finnegan Show. The "stuff of Hollywood film" is how it was put on the show today.

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