Recommended Lawyers

Finders are pleased to recommend a select panel of independent SRA regulated firms of Lawyers in the UK.
We recommend that you do not use an ‘heir hunters ‘in-house’ solicitor, legal executive or personal representative as they may not be answerable to any recognised regulatory body and are not independent of the heir hunter, which, in our view represents a conflict of interest.
You should ask yourself if an in-house representative of the heir hunter’s own company, handling your money, can really be putting the best interests of the beneficiaries before their own? Finders only ever recommend independent firms of SRA regulated Lawyers and receive no referral fees from them so that they remain truly independent and will always put the beneficiaries interests first, in line with their legal requirements. Contact us for details of a firm local to you who will be pleased to assist you.

  • Advice will be given free of charge or obligation.
  • No referral fees are paid to Finders should you choose to instruct a firm recommended by us.
  • All firms are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.