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Estimated length of event: 45 minutes

For our first Empty Homes Webinar of 2022, we have invited back Jill Arriordaz who will be further discussing her research with Birmingham City University exploring the topic of empty homes from a development perspective. She will present an overview of the research, the key findings and recommendations.  Incentives and barriers to bringing empty property back into use for small developers, property owners and other stakeholders within the empty homes field, with focus on the role of local government will be explored.

We have also invited a second speaker, Mayanka Dave Mukherji, who will be giving an insightful presentation on “Storeys of Emptiness: An Anthropological Study of Empty Homes in Chelsea”. Her presentation will deliver understanding on how London’s empty homes are mapped, normalised, or villainised – and how people in Chelsea live alongside emptiness.

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Our Speakers:

Experienced Residential Property Developer
Jill is an experienced local property developer, who is close to completing her MSc in Real Estate Management at Birmingham City University, Jill’s research dissertation is titled ‘Can Empty Homes Make a Difference in a Housing Crisis?’ She is primarily looking at the issue of empty homes in our current housing crisis, and what the barriers and incentives are faced by a range of stakeholders inc. councils, community-based organisations, small developers and Empty property owners.


Post-Doctoral Researcher
Mayanka completed her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Oxford in 2020. Her research explored empty homes in Central London, comparing empty second homes in a luxury square to “decanted” council flats in the same neighbourhood.

Event Organiser:

Muhammed Uddin

Public Sector Development Manager
Finders International

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