Daniel Curran of Finders agrees that data protection has become an issue. He cites last year’s government White Paper which suggested amendments to the information required on death certificates. “We understand that people complain generally about the amount of information available to credit agencies and debt collectors, but fortunately [for the probate genealogy industry] the government decided to drop this proposal”.

[Interview continuation, discussing fee options for the genealogist] …charging on an hourly rate can lead to high charges, whereas the no-win no-fee contingency charging is preferable in many cases… It is ideal for intestate estates where there is no known next of kin or where part of the family is missing or unknown, though it can be used in cases where heirs’ named in a Will have to be traced. It has the advantage of offering the solicitor, administrator or heirs no personal or financial risk…

[Daniel Curran] “The solicitor is in a win-win situation whichever way we are paid. But we offer all options of fees and give solicitors the choice so that they can decide what’s best in the circumstances”.

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