401 Surrey estates were left unclaimed this year, as their owners died without leaving a will or having a next of kin.

The oldest unclaimed estate in Surrey stretches back to November 10 1988. Owner Louisa White passed away aged 94 in Epsom.

There has been a rise in unclaimed estates, with two people leaving unclaimed estates in Merseyside and six in Greater Manchester recently.

The Bona Vacantia list contains properties left without owners and in the UK alone, this is around 9,000 names.

Could your surname lead to an unclaimed inheritance?

How is an heir found for an unclaimed estate?

If no will is left by the deceased, the estate first passes to a spouse or civil partner, and then to any children. If none of these people exist, then anyone descended from a grandparent of the deceased is entitled to a share.

The values of estates are not listed on public government records. There is a 12 year time limit on claims, but in some circumstances may be extended to 30 years. Find out more here.

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