Information to Supply

What information we need

In many cases we can begin research based on only a name and date of death or a name given in a Will. However, you may hold some information that will be of use to us and our checklist below will guide you through this.


  • Full name of Deceased;
  • Date and Place of death;
  • Age or Date of Birth;
  • Marital Status;
  • Testate or Intestate?
  • Copy of Will or any relevant certificates of birth, marriage or death;
  • If intestate: name and contact details of any blood relatives you are in touch with, and confirmation of their relationship to the Deceased;
  • If Testate: name of missing heir(s), their relationship to the Deceased (if any), last known address, date of birth, spouse, parents’ or children’s’ names etc.;
  • Confirmation of issue of Grant of Probate and whether or not you are in funds;
  • Approximate value of Estate;
  • Approximate value(s) of share(s) due to missing heir(s); and
  • Any other potentially useful or relevant information or documents.

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