Probate Property Sales & Services

We offer to manage a property for the estate administrator or client including the securing, clearance and sale of the property and undertaking searches for physical and paper assets. This saves considerable time, effort, and expense and minimises risk by using a tried, trusted, and compliant network.


  • Regular Check
  • Change of Locks
  • Securing the Property
  • Drain Down of Systems
  • Property Valuation
  • COVID 19 PROPERTY DECONTAMINATION £800 + VAT available now, leaving property safe to enter
  • Obtaining Legal Documents
  • Will Search
  • Asset Search
  • Valuing Chattels
  • Storing Assets
  • Aviva Property Insurance
  • Specialist House Clearance (inc.biohazard)
  • Search for Assets
  • Traditional Estate Agent Sales (UK-wide network)
  • Physical Auction
  • Online Auction Sales
  • Cash Buyers
  • Property Developers
  • Defective Title Insurance

What we do

We organise and closely monitor property services and can seamlessly move instructions, for example, from an estate agent sale to an auction or by seeking bids from property developers and cash buyers. This bespoke service provides you with a single point of contact and a prompt, flexible and efficient process. Services are charged to the estate, not to any individual, and we will protect the administrator/deputy from any potential claims by acting in accordance with current regulations at all times. Our services include clearing the property and searching for a will along with any other legal documents and identifying valuable items to be valued and auctioned. With such a time-consuming process we can ensure your peace of mind during this time. Property conveyancing is conducted by our SRA regulated panel solicitors or in conjunction with the instructing firm’s own department. Finders International are approved by Aviva (AVIVA Empty Property Insurance) and regulated by the FCA to provide a range of insurance policies. We can immediately add a property to our policy payable month by month or annually. A fast and simple solution. To refer a property for prompt disposal or to order an initial valuation please email or call our RICS accredited Property Sales & Service Manager, Saida Abasheikh on 020 3859 4418.


Contact us

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