So we are two shows down with eighteen to go –  and today’s episode did not disappoint.

Episode two sees Finders case manager Ryan Gregory on a quest to trace the beneficiaries to an estate worth in the region of £200k – and all he had to go on was a name and postcode!

Marson Frank Naylor, known as Frank to his friends, was fondly remembered by neighbour William as a quiet man with gentlemanly manners, and was a keen member of the British Legion after research showed Marson served in WW1 as part of the ‘suicide club’.

Further in-depth research into the Naylor family tree showed a maternal crossover, which in-turn lead Ryan to Steven, a cousin once removed of Marson. This is a little unusual, as marital crossovers do happen, but are not that common. Ryan has seen only 2 cases of marital crossover in his 10yr career.

Steven couldn’t believe it when he received the call whilst at his daugthers wedding!
He recieved the money just in time for a holiday to Sri Lanka to celebrate his partners 60th birthday. We hear they had a great time and are obviously very grateful to Marson for such a wonderful gift.

If you missed today’s episode, don’t fret – you can catch up here: