London Council – June 2016 – A personal visit in Ireland proved vital

When we couldn’t find an obvious birth record for the Deceased in England, Wales, Scotland or on the adoption register, we asked our Irish office in Dublin and our Northern Irish agent to take a look. Our Northern Irish researcher, quickly identified birth records for the Deceased and three brothers and a sister. We then used the information she provided and found death records for the three brothers in England.

It turned out that the Deceased was born in Northern Ireland and had emigrated to England, along with his three brothers and their father at an early age, whereas their sister had stayed behind with their mother.

We were able to track down the descendants in England, but as the family was estranged, they were unable to assist with finding the deceased’s sister who had remained in Ireland.

We therefore asked our Northern Irish Agent to try and track down a marriage record and current address, which she did. Because the lady was elderly and was closely related to the Deceased, plus the element of urgency due to the funeral not having taken place, we decided to visit her in person.

Having an office in Ireland enabled us to easily visit the sister, tell her the news in person and gather the necessary documents required to begin the administration of the estate.