173 estates left unclaimed in Bristol

If you have relatives from the county of Bristol, you may be in for a windfall without even realising it. There are currently 173 unclaimed estates in Bristol, according to the latest Bona Vacantia list. The list is of people who have died with no will or no known next of kin.

Danny Curran, MD and founder of Finders, said that the Government is “sitting on the fortunes of over ten thousand people across the UK.”

New additions to the list include Peter Capaldi, who died aged 84 in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, leaving an unclaimed estate. Michael Begley was born in January 1947 and died in South Gloucestershire in May 2018 aged 71.

The estate of Blanche Emily Philips will be referred to the Crown in 4 years’ time after remaining unclaimed for almost 25 years.

When somebody dies with no will – or intestate – their estate becomes a ‘vacant good’. Bona Vacantia is the name given to these ownerless estates that are then passed to the Crown.

Family members and heirs have just 12 years to claim an estate once it has been reported unclaimed to the Crown.

Here is the full list of 173 unclaimed estates in Bristol:

Date of Death
Bridges,Vernon Leonard 31/12/2018Bristol Bristol
Pascoe,Colin 21/6/2017Filton South Gloucestershire Bristol BS10
Welsford,Mervyn John 1/9/2017Bristol Bristol
Dutton,Simon John 16/11/2017Bristol Bristol
Golding,Ivor Edward John 17/12/2017Bristol Avon BS2
Lupton,Gerry 15/1/2011Bristol Bristol
Begley,Michael 11/5/2018Bristol South Gloucestershire
Capaldi,Peter 3/1/2018Westbury-On-Trym Bristol BS10
McKenzie,Douglas 4/7/2006Bristol
Caple,John Arthur 29/9/2018Bristol Avon
Osborne,Dorothy Ann Elizabeth 23/5/2012Bristol Avon
Anderson,Stanley Nathaniel 8/2/2010Bristol Avon
Leggatt,Norman Melville 7/6/2017Bristol Avon
Cullen,Mark 12/2/2017Bristol Avon
Bauknecht,Rita Annegret 28/12/2017Bristol South Gloucestershire
Burch,Elvinea Alice Patricia 25/1/2015Bedminster Bristol
Whitcher,Raymond Desmond 29/8/2000Bristol Avon
Gwozdzik,Dariusz Pjotr 31/3/2013Bristol
Mounty,Sylvia Grace 5/12/2017Bristol Avon
Russell-Love,Bryan 6/2/2017Bristol Avon
Clancey,Michael Terrence 9/1/1976Bristol Avon
Brouvard,Lawrence 16/12/2016Somerset Bristol
Lloyd,Bernice 27/9/2017Bristol
Gates,Cyril Sidney 20/8/2013Bristol
Casey,Robert 23/5/2017Bristol
Brunt,Reginald 23/8/2017Bristol
Weaver,Alan Frederick 8/11/2017Bristol
Jones,John 10/10/2016Bristol
Cahill,Hazel Mary 30/7/2017Bristol
Hoare,Anthony Stegmaun 11/8/2009Bristol
Shott,Sandra Dennett23/8/2012Bristol
Leach,Clifford Samuel 23/1/2018Shirehampton Bristol
Bound,John 4/10/2017Bristol
Wiley,Joyce Kathleen 16/2/2017Bristol
East,Barbara Gladys 4/3/2017Bristol Somerset
McMahon,Owen John 27/3/2017Bristol NE Somerset
Butcher,Maud Lousia 9/12/2016Bristol
Bellamy,Marion Jacklin26/9/2017Bristol
Knapp,Jean 5/10/2017Bristol
Saunders,Peter Harry 15/2/2017Aston Bristol
Thompson,Robert Frederick George 19/5/2006Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
Campbell,Philbert 19/8/2016Bristol
McGann,Paul Michael 20/6/2016Bristol
Jones,Winifred Rose 24/1/2017Bristol
Foot,Mauveen Susan Stevens13/5/2017Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
Francis,Harold 25/11/2015Kingswood Bristol
Lane,June 17/1/2017Fishponds Bristol
Staniek,Adam Justyn 12/10/2016Bristol
De Boer,Peter 2/2/2007Bristol
Poole,Ernest 5/12/2011Bristol
Hammond,Michael Andrew 27/10/2016Bristol
Potter,John Albert 13/4/2016Kingswood Bristol
Oakley,Mary 20/7/2015Bristol South West
Harris,Valerie Ann 9/5/2016Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
Pavey,Raymond Howard 10/8/2016Bristol
Nolan,John Thomas 25/7/2016Bristol
Powell,Patricia Theresa 29/1/2016Horfield Bristol
Taplin,Robert 5/7/2015Shirehampton Bristol
Carpenter,Bryan 30/5/2016Bristol
Cromarty,John 21/4/2016Bristol
Britton,Dorothy Hilda 8/10/2016Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
Shaw,David Edward 6/4/2016Bristol
Mitchell,Patricia Edith Ann 13/7/2016Bristol
Hudson,Constantine 15/4/2016Bristol
Hale,Alison Jayne 11/2/2016Bristol
Long,Glyn 20/5/2016Stinchcombe Gloucestershire
Garland,John 18/3/2016Bristol
Dallas,Sutcliffe George 12/2/2016Bristol
Mugford,Dawn Ellen 27/9/2015Bristol
Lacanna,Adriano 2/12/2015Bristol Avon
Cornish,Michael John 13/2/2011Bristol City of Bristol
Clawson,Ivan Seymour 19/9/2015Bristol South Gloucestershire
Rees,Margaret Rose 21/1/2016Bristol
Clarke,Leslie 8/8/2011Bristol Avon
Saunders,Elena Mary Cullis 26/3/2005Bristol
Harte,Daniel 29/11/2015Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
Linehan,Denis Finbarr 25/7/2015Bristol Avon
Stevenson – Oake,Michael George 15/1/2014Bristol Avon
Fowler,Ivor Ernest 6/10/2014Horfield Bristol
Edmonds,Luther 10/10/2015Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
Postlethwaite,David 26/10/2015Bristol
Comley,William Richard 12/3/2003Bristol Avon and Somerset
Lyons,Steven 8/11/2015Westbury -on-Trym Bristol
Hudd,Hertburt Samuel 11/4/2015Frenchay Bristol
Tustian,Raymond Varniais 22/5/2015Bristol City of Bristol
Dawe,Gladys 21/4/2015Bristol Avon
Hughes,Kenneth 18/5/2015Bristol South West England
Davies,Lionel John 1/3/2015Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
Morgan,Edwin David 28/5/2015Bristol Avon
Sowle,Ronald Derrick 23/4/2015Bristol
Mahajani,Shashikumar Vasudeo 1/5/2012Clifton Bristol
Hughes,Harold 16/4/2015Bristol
Criddle,Margaret Anne Tavener9/4/2015Hartcliffe Bristol
McCabe,Michael David 29/12/2014Bristol South Gloucestershire
Higgins,Charles Frank 22/7/2013Bristol Avon
Sullivan,Paul Dennis 16/8/2013Bristol Avon
May,Steven Paul 6/1/2015Horfield Bristol
Grainger,Walter Francis 14/1/2015Bristol
Martin,Robert 10/1/2015Kingswood Bristol
Kibbey,Richard Frank 27/2/2015Bristol Avon
Martin,Michael Clifford 24/1/2015Bristol Avon
Burnell,Ronald Ivor 20/12/2014Bristol Avon
Hedges,Walter John 30/12/2014Bristol Avon
Hicks,Peggy Eileen Hemming31/1/2015Bristol
Collins,Jane Rawson 26/4/2014Bristol Avon
Street,Rose Elizabeth V 12/1/2015Cheswick Village Bristol
Healey,Angela 13/8/2014Bristol City of Bristol
Archer,Alfred 8/9/2014Yate South Gloucestershire
Hartyani,Daniel John 7/12/2009Bristol Avon
Cox,William 5/7/2008Bristol Avon
Wright,Robert 9/5/2007Bristol
Whitlock,Marjorie Weber23/9/2014Bristol Avon
Weale,Beryl Helen 24/8/2014Bristol Gloucestershire
Spratt,Bryan James 1/2/2010Fenchay Bristol South Gloucestershire
Deerin,Julian Harry 7/12/2009Bristol Avon
Simantel,Judy Coleen 2/10/2008Bristol Avon
Chadwick,Barbara Anne 24/10/2014Bristol Gloucestershire
Duddell,Brian 16/10/2014Bristol
Hubbard,Geoffrey 19/8/2014Bristol
Hodges,Lilian Rose 17/9/2012Bristol
McDermott,Mary 14/10/2011Bristol
Cherryman,John Christopher 26/8/2014Southmead Bristol
Rickells,Mary 5/12/2013Ashton Bristol
Jones,Zillah Joan Ridler25/7/2013Henleaze Bristol
Draper,John Lyndley 4/5/2006Bristol South Gloucestershire
Palmer,Eileen Joyce 29/4/2014Bristol Gloucestershire
Moseley,Jean 15/11/2013Frenchay Bristol
Saunders,John Michael 12/7/2014Westbury on Trym Bristol
Long,Dennis Gladstone 28/10/2011Bristol Avon
Bell,Frank Victor 18/4/2014Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
Atyeo,Pearl Elaine Clarke1/11/2007Yate Bristol
Paterson,Richard Stewart 15/11/2013Bristol Gloucestershire
Bridges,Joan Chandos 18/2/2014Bedminster Bristol
Fry,Molly Grace 12/11/2013Bristol South Gloucestershire
Sims,Margaret Hendy18/1/2013Bristol Gloucestershire
Fitzgerald,John 21/1/2014Bristol Avon
Delahunty,Thomas 2/1/2014Bristol
McCoy,Peter 24/7/2013Southmead Bristol
Bartlett,Ivor 18/7/2013Bristol
Saunders,Mary 28/3/2013Brentry Bristol
Tapp,Charles Dennis 13/11/2012Bristol County of Bristol
Johnston,William 12/2/2012Bristol
Gardner,Egbert John 17/2/2012Frampton on Severn Gloucestershire
Stevens,John Stanley 11/3/2013Bristol South Gliucestershire
Yates,Iris Evelyn 26/5/1987Bristol Avon
Cocks,Dorothy Miriam 10/4/2002Bristol NE Somerset
Williams,Kenneth 14/12/1989Bristol Avon
Smith,Edward 31/5/2005Bristol
Westcott,Clive Andrew 20/4/2011Bristol South Gloucestershire
Ticehurst,William 20/1/1988Bristol Avon
Sharp,William 21/7/1995Bristol
Price,Margaret 30/11/1996Bristol Avon
Carter,Francis 30/9/1994Bristol Somerset
Young,Hilda May 19/2/2009Bristol
Gunningham,George Raymond 2/1/1991Bristol Avon
Madden,Kevin Nigel 10/3/1999Bristol Avon
Rudge,James Charles 18/1/2009Bristol
Knapp,Harold Walter 9/11/1990Bristol Avon
Buckley,Enid 4/3/2002Bristol Avon
Carter,Roy Andrew Thomas 15/11/2009Bristol Somerset
Chapman,Lilian Doris 8/3/1991Bristol Avon
Taylor,Bertie Edward 6/11/2002Bristol
Nash,Florence 9/4/1986Bristol Somerset
Coles,Sally 22/12/1998Bristol NE Somerset
Coles,Albert Arthur 11/9/1990Bristol Avon
Newman,James Edgar 18/8/1988Bristol Avon
Phillips,Blanche Emily 20/3/1994Bristol Avon
Evans,Idris 18/3/1995Bristol Avon
McCarthy,John Michael 16/9/2003Bristol
Penman,Michael 10/1/2007Bristol
Gleed,Paul 26/8/2007Bristol
Scadding,Rosina 6/6/1988Bristol Avon
Frain,Charles Henry 12/9/1997Bristol
Buss,Alice 8/6/1989Bristol Avon
Whitcombe,Frank Henry 31/5/1995Bristol
Dowsing,Roy Valentine 28/11/1990Bristol Avon
Bryant,Sidney 12/1/1993Bristol Avon

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