The HP Elite x3 is perfect for providing current-edge, hands-free access to teams around the world, says Finders International’s Danny Curran.

Danny Curran established Finders International in 1997 and the company has benefited from utilising extensive features of the HP Elite x3.

A significant amount of research is required by Finders’ team of experienced case workers to identify next of kin and eligible heirs for estates. The transparency brought by the digital footprints of people in the modern age make the job challenging and interesting, and allow a range of technologies to be utilised across the business to aid this process.

As the IT manager for Finders, it is also Danny’s job to ensure the company is rife with technology and that the tech present supports the researchers and the research process. Technological developments and the massive informational resources available online has changed the way research is conducted, and the technology used needs to support this.

3in1 Capabilities

In hardware terms, the HP Elite x3 has a Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM (HP,2017) – possibly the first time this has been implemented on a Windows 10 device and with it’s large 5.9inch QHD display it’s not hard to understand why HP is pushing it as a ‘3in1’ device.

Combining PC power and productivity with a premium smartphone functionality, the integration of Windows 10 Continuum allows the phone to rive a mouse, keyword and monitor; giving the user the option to run full desktop apps.

As a business phone, this opens up opportunities to be more hands free in the way we work and allows us to significantly reduce our load, especially with a feather-light dock that can easily be stowed in an everyday bag.

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