Lawyers Journal, October 2004 – ‘Finding Seekers’

Curran explains that most of Finders’ clients are Lawyers and there is a steady flow of work from a core of firms from the regions; most of the work is concentrated in the UK.

Finders also offers a Will-searching service, which involves checking whether a Will exists in a suspected intestacy case, or ensuring there isn’t a more recent version. Curran says this can be a process of checking all avenues, such as writing to the deceased’s friends, neighbours, other local Lawyers , the deceased’s bank and building society, etc… “We try to work on a friendly and informal, fast and efficient basis, without wrapping everything up in legalese” he says.”

We are here to help busy lawyers, so we offer them personal contact and say to them: ‘We’ll do this as quickly as we can’ “.

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