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Lost inheritances

It is becoming more common for people to pass away without a will or next of kin. In cases where this happens, the money goes onto an official unclaimed estates list, and then to the Treasury if left unclaimed.

If a relative has died in the past 30 years that may have left behind unclaimed assets, you can try to track them down. You can track them down via a private firm for a fee or by using the Government’s Treasury solicitor.

Check the list of unclaimed assets going back to 1997.

There is a limit of 12 years for relatives to claim their inheritance. An ultimate deadline of 30 years is at the discretion of the Treasury Solicitor.

Genealogical firms like Finders International also frequently look to see if there is anyone easily traced who could be owed money.

People who could be in line for the cash are then contacted by Finders who offer to check to see if they are due payments.

If you are due a payment, this can result in a fee at either fixed rate or a percentage of the inheritance. It’s usually free to check if you’re eligible.

You can also conduct your own research and make a claim yourself.

Contact Finders to trace an inheritance.