Early this year, Nick Christou, a 31 year old McDonald’s worker, received a letter from Heir Hunters, Finders International, who had been working on a case to track down the relatives of Jim Ross.

Jim Ross had passed away and left behind bountiful amounts of money which now belonged to his estranged grandchildren, who didn’t know he existed; Nick and Katherine Christou.

Christou, who initially dismissed the letter as a “scam” wound up inheriting the lot and shared the windfall with his 24-year-old sister, amounting to about $A140,000 (NZ $148,000) each, and all from a man they didn’t even know.

Talking to the East Daily Press, Christou told said, “This whole episode changed his life, not least the unexpected money, but in closing a painful chapter in the history of my family,” he said.

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