Alfred Ardener, who spent the majority of his adult life searching for his sisters, finally found and reunited with his sister Margaret after being apart for seven decades.

The search for Alfred’s sisters began after the tragic death of their sibling Mabel, who passed away in Sussex in August 2021 without having children or leaving a will. Finders International were brought in to find living relatives of Mabel, which led to Alfred and Margaret reconnecting. They had been attempting to locate each other, as well as Mabel, for most of their lives. In June 2021, the siblings finally met for the first time since 1951, and it was a special day filled with tears, photos, and conversations. Unfortunately, Margaret passed away a few weeks after the reunion, but Alfred feels fortunate to have found her and to have a newfound nephew, Peter

Alfred never lost hope of seeing his sisters again, and with the help of Finders International, he was able to find Margaret and finally close the chapter on his endless search.


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